Monday, February 8, 2016

Coming Out of My Rut

Well, hey, everyone!  Long time, no see!  It seems the calendar turned 2016, and I just forgot all about blogging.

Truth be told, I've been in a bit of a health, fitness, and faith rut pretty much since the beginning of 2015.  Between the third trimester of my pregnancy, having M, moving, adjusting to life as a mom, and going back to teaching at a new school, I really wasn't focused on myself.  I was just focused on doing what needed to be done to take care of my family and things for work.

I don't know that I'd call it postpartum depression, but I just wasn't taking care of myself, especially in the areas of healthy eating, fitness, and my faith.  Considering that's what this blog is about, I really haven't had much to say on here!  I didn't want this blog to just turn in to me talking about M, so I figured silence was better than "fluff" posts.

The good news is that I believe I'm coming out of that rut!  I'm realizing that if I can't take care of myself, then I'm not going to be able to give 100% to any aspect of my life, which will ultimately hurt every aspect of my life.  I also want to set a good example for M as she grows up, and the woman I was this past year is not who I want her to become.

With that, I will be back to blogging!  My goal will be to post 3 times a week, though I will hopefully increase that to 4 times a week before the year is out.  I want to ensure that my posts are quality, though, so some weeks I may not reach that goal.

This week, however, I will have 4 posts for you (including this one).  Check back tomorrow where I'll be sharing about my runs from this weekend!

Question for you:  How has your year started off?
Hopefully in less of a rut than mine has!

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