Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Time to Vent..

Let's be honest...I love reading posts on the TSM section of totalfratmove.com. It's a website for sorority girls to post "total sorority moves" that basically just prove the stereotypes. I read for entertainment and usually get a good laugh out of it, until today when I decided to post a response to one of the posts I saw. Here is the post:

Being a child development major not because of any MRS degree, but because I love children and want to change the world. TSM.

I was so happy to see this post because this is EXACTLY the type of people that we need in the teaching field! So, I decided to post a reply to this post:

Love this! I teach middle school math, and while I could have gotten a job in any other math-related field, I chose teaching because I wanted to make a difference in the next generation. Snaps to you!

Naturally, I went back to see if anyone had posted on my reply, since it was my first post and all. Much to my dismay, here are the two replies on my post:

1) No you couldn’t…if you could have a job in any math-related field, you should have picked something that will actually make a difference. You could have worked in an engineering firm to develop more fuel efficient engines, or used theoretical concepts to validate hypotheses about the universe. Teachers are a dime a dozen, progression is forever.
2) Nobody “chooses” teaching. It’s a place where career aspirations go to die.

Now, I took the usernames off of these posts, but they were both posted by guys (their names had stuff to do with their fraternities). Since my post was on the TSM wall, my first thought was, "Why are these guys even LOOKING on the TSM wall, much less posting?" Then, I thought more about their responses and realized they are probably more of fraternity boys than fraternity men.

Two reasons these comments frustrate me:

-I was going to respond to the first post about my stellar school record, and then I realized that this person is just a cyber bully! Who in the world needs to get on the internet and just insult people they don't even know? The internet is one of the easiest places to follow the "if you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all" rule. So, to go on the internet and constantly try to bring other people down just really says a lot about that person's character. They need to grow up and get a life.

-I hope these two guys never even consider going in to teaching because these comments are the complete OPPOSITE of what a teacher should think. First off, I will agree with the first poster that "teachers are a dime a dozen," but I will add that GOOD teachers are not. I personally believe that there are many teachers in the field that should not be teachers based on their credentials, attitude, etc. about the field. Anyone can go in to teaching, but not everyone in the field is actually good at their job. Good teachers are hard to find, and that's one reason I decided to be a teacher: I know my stuff, I'm passionate about learning, and I think that my personality is one that can help students achieve things in my class. The second poster just really has no idea what they're talking about. No one "chooses" teaching? I am one example that that is false--I have wanted to be a teacher all my life and did choose to teach. Being a teacher WAS my career aspiration, so this person just does not know what they are talking about. And yes, maybe some people go in to teaching because nothing else worked out, but honestly, those are people that shouldn't be teaching. Teachers should WANT to be there, as well as be knowledgeable about what they're teaching. That's one of the problems with our education system today, and until we weed out all the teachers that don't really care about what they're doing, we are going to continue to have struggling students and lag behind the rest of the world in academics.

Ok, I feel better now after typing out all my frustrations over those comments. If you read all of this, kudos to you! And needless to say, I just may refrain from posting on the TSM wall now if all I'm going to get out of it is negativity. Thanks :)

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