Sunday, July 31, 2011


Ok, time for a lighter post :)

Since moving to Athens, I've really enjoyed traveling into Atlanta (only about an hour or so away from Athens) and doing the tourist thing! To end off my summer, Joe and I went to Atlanta for a touristy day on Thursday.

To start off the day, we went to the World of Coca-Cola! SO MUCH FUN! We learned all about the history of Coke, watched commericals from all over the world, saw a 4-D movie (3-D video plus wind, water, and seat effects!) and even taste different coke products from a bunch of different countries. My favorite was a Melon Fanta from Africa, and my least favorite was definitely one called Beverly from Italy! Yuck! They had a machine where you could customize a Coke drink, and I mixed Vanilla Coke with Grape tasted pretty good! Joe mix Cherry Vanilla Coke with Orange Coke and it tasted like a fruity-smelling marker, which was actually very accurate!

Variety of Coke products from around the world

After the World of Coca-Cola, we got dinner at The Varsity. It's an Atlanta landmark and the world's largest drive-in. If you ever visit Atlanta, you MUST eat there! The food is your typical cookout food, but the history and set-up of the place makes it all worth it. It's very reasonably priced, too!

The Varsity

Our final stop on our Atlanta adventure was Turner Field for the Braves vs. Pittsburgh baseball game. That night, they were giving away Chipper Jones bobbleheads, so we made sure to get into the stadium early! We caught batting practice, and as usual when Joe and I go to a Braves game, there was a rain delay. Luckily, our seats were under a pavilion, so we waited it out and watched the rest of the game. Sadly, the Braves lost but we did get to see Chipper Jones bat on his bobblehead night.

Chipper up to bat

After our trip on Thursday, the last major Atlanta hotspot I need to hit is the Georgia Aquarium (Other places I've been to: Stone Mountain, the state capitol, and Six Flags Over Georgia)! I'll hopefully be making many more fun trips to Atlanta in the future, so if anyone is ever visiting the area, let me know and I'll try to be a tour guide for you :)

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