Monday, August 8, 2011


A lot of people claim they aren't cat people or that they hate cats because they aren't social. My cat, Tigger, was the exact opposite. Sure, she didn't like strangers, but she would warm up to you eventually. And once she did, she was the most affectionate, obedient, loving, and loyal cat I've ever met.

I'm writing this post because on Thursday night, my family had to put Tigger down. The vet discovered that she had a heart condition where she formed clots that would impede function of her legs. The condition could be treated, but the vet said it was very hard on the cats. He had treated one cat with this condition and said that he probably wouldn't do it again because of the pain the cat goes through. My dad, mom, and brother were all there with her and they said she died quickly.

I loved Tigger so much, and some people may think it's ridiculous that I'm so upset over her passing. I felt like she was my cat, though, and I wish I had been there to say goodbye to her.

We got Tigger when I was in 2nd grade. A classmate of mine had a broken arm, and I wrote things down for him during that time. He asked me one day if I wanted a kitten (his cat had just had 5 kittens) as a way to say thanks for how I'd helped him. I asked my mom, she said yes, and we went over the next day to pick Tigger out. When we sat down to name her, we were focusing on her stripes. After the suggestion of "Rainbow" by my then-4 yr old brother, we decided on "Tiger." Apparently, my parents both kept calling her "Tigger", so we changed the name.

I will miss the way Tigger would come sit on you when you were lying on the couch. She would always let you pet her and purr so loudly. She bit a little bit as a kitten, but as she grew up she wouldn't really get aggressive unless you provoked her. She was a great cat, and I enjoyed every moment of her 16 years with us. Rest in Peace, Tigger!

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