Saturday, November 28, 2015

Thanksgiving Survey

Hi everyone!  I hope that all of my American readers had a very happy Thanksgiving on Thursday.
Family picture on Thanksgiving
We enjoyed our day with Joe's side of the family.  I think Baby Fish likes Thanksgiving, too!  Especially when I give her little tastes of sweet potato casserole.
I saw this survey on Julie's blog and thought it'd be a good way to round out this Thanksgiving week.  I love reading about how people celebrate the holidays, so I thought I'd share a little about what we do for Thanksgiving.  Enjoy!
  • Favorite Thanksgiving food item?
My favorite Thanksgiving food item overall is my Mama Gen's creamed potatoes.  Think mashed potatoes but melt-in-your-mouth smooth!  In general, though, it's a tie between stuffing and sweet potato casserole.
  • What is one of your favorite Thanksgiving memories?
Our football game from 2014
I love my family's traditional older siblings vs younger siblings mid-afternoon football game!  The best one was probably the year my brother and I kept trying to tackle each other (the game is two-hand-touch).  So much fun!
  • Do you go to a movie on Thanksgiving?
Not usually.  
  • Any Thanksgiving foods that you do not like?
Cranberry sauce.  I'm sure I'd like the taste, but the appearance has kept me from trying it!
  • How do you feel about stores interrupting Thanksgiving now by starting their sales on Thanksgiving day?
I am NOT a fan.  In fact, I turned down an offer to go shopping yesterday because I would not support the stores being open on Thanksgiving.  The early Friday morning was bad enough for the workers, let them just enjoy their Thanksgiving!
  • Do you hit up the sales on Thursday/Black Friday or do you avoid them like the plague?
Generally avoid them.  If I shop on Black Friday, it's later in the day.
  • Do you typically run a race on Thanksgiving or go on a run on your own or take the day off?
My normal activity is a football game when we do Thanksgiving with my family, but this year I did a 10K Turkey Trot!  

Full recap next week!
    • Do you prefer a big get together for the holiday or to keep it small?
    The ladies on Joe's side of the family-2013
    I prefer a big gathering of all the family.  That's what we did growing up, so if we don't have that, it feels lonely to me!
    • What is your food assignment for this year? Are you in charge of the whole thing or are you going out to eat?
    We brought store-bought pies and I made the sweet potato casserole this year.  Both were a hit!
    • What time do you typically eat Thanksgiving dinner?
    With my side of the family, we do Thanksgiving lunch around noon with my dad's side then Thanksgiving dinner around 5 with my mom's side.  Lots of eating!  With Joe's side, we normally do "dinner" around 1:00.

    Question for you: Your turn!  Answer one of the questions above about your Thanksgiving traditions!

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