Monday, July 6, 2015

Atlanta Weekend + Training Log 7/6

Hey everyone, and happy Monday!  Is it just me, or are Mondays after holiday weekends especially challenging?  I'm all mixed up as to what day it is!  Let's just jump on in to recapping what all we did to celebrate the 4th of July.

Our weekend actually began Thursday evening when Joe got through with work; we drove up to Atlanta for the Peachtree Road Race!  We planned some more fun for the weekend, including staying with our friends Andrew and Jacqui and their two boys.  We got to their house on Thursday around 9:30pm.  We hung around and did some catching up until after midnight!  Late night for us all!

We decided to sleep in (including Baby Fish!) and slowly started our day by watching TV and playing with Andrew and Jacqui's kids.  Both of them enjoyed playing with our daughter!
Around 10:30, we went over to their neighborhood pool, even though it was a little rainy.  Baby Fish and I hung out on the side of the pool while everyone else swam, but we were all ready to head back in to warm up after an hour of swimming.

We ate lunch, hung around the house some more, and got ready to head to the Atlanta Braves game!  On the way to the game, we picked up a few more of Joe's friends from college, as well as swung by the Peachtree Road Race expo!
I ran in quickly to get my bib and unfortunately didn't get to enjoy any of the vendors.  I was a little bummed to not get the full expo experience, but we had a tailgate and a baseball game to get to.
We cooked some food in the parking lot for an hour or so then went in to the ball park.  I think Baby Fish enjoyed her first tailgate!
After a bit of a rocky start, Baby Fish finally settled in and seemed to enjoy the game, as well!  She even fell asleep for a little bit of it.

The Braves beat the Phillies 2-1, too, so everyone was happy.  We stayed for the post-game fireworks (another baby first!) before heading back home so I could get some sleep.  I had a race to run the next day!

My Independence Day began with an Atlanta 4th of July tradition--the Peachtree Road Race!
A full recap is coming later this week, but I really loved this race experience even though it rained just about the whole time!
After meeting up with Joe after the race, we went back to Andrew and Jacqui's for a warm shower (for me), some more hang out time, and packing.  We left mid-afternoon to head on home.  They were such good hosts, and we had a blast hanging out with them!  Their boys loved Baby Fish, too, and it was so cute seeing them say goodbye to her.

The rest of the evening was pretty low-key.  We just hung out at home, listened to our neighbors shoot off fireworks, and had a photo shoot with a certain little girl in her 4th-of-July dress.
She's just the cutest!

Joe decided to go down to Daytona for the NASCAR race, so Baby Fish and I had a pretty low-key morning.  We hung out and watched TV until it was time to go to church!
We tried a new church close to us, and everyone there was so nice and very welcoming.  Afterward, I decided to go to Waffle House for lunch.  I'd been wanting a waffle all weekend since they sponsored the race, and the waffle I got did not disappoint!  Baby Fish seemed to agree.
The rest of the day consisted of play time, getting things done while the baby napped, catching up with family, and watching some TV.  Overall, a pretty good day!

Training Log 6/29-7/5
The past week or two, I've been slacking a little bit on the workouts.  I've at least gone for a walk just about every day.  This week, I had a race to run, so I purposely took it easy this week to save my legs up for Saturday.
Monday-short neighborhood walk
Tuesday-short neighborhood walk
Wednesday-short neighborhood walk + 2.5 mile run + leg/core exercises
Thursday-rest/travel day
Friday-rest day
Saturday-Peachtree Road Race 10K
Sunday-Yoga Fix + 10-Minute Ab Fix DVDs

As I mentioned in my mid-year goals check in, I'm planning to take these next two weeks to decide if I'm going to run the Richmond Marathon.  I've found a Hal Higdon training plan that I think would work for me, so I'm going to focus on following the first two weeks for it, as well as working in 2 strength workouts.  Let's see how it goes!

Question for you:  How did you celebrate the 4th of July?  Did you run a race this weekend?

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