Thursday, July 2, 2015

2015 Goals: Mid-Year Check-In

We're officially halfway done with 2015, so it's time to take a look at how I'm doing with my goals for the year!
1. Memorize 24 verses of Scripture through the Siesta Scripture Memory team.
Well, considering I haven't even picked a Scripture to memorize since March, I'll have to give myself an F on this.  I don't know what caused me to lose my excitement about this at the beginning of March, but I just have not been motivated to this one.  After posting this, I'm going to find a verse to work on and will hopefully renew my commitment to this from here on out!

2. Be the mother God would have me be.
Well, I'm definitely a mother now, and I pray that I am bringing glory to God and pleasing Him while doing so.  I do feel like I'm getting the hang of being a mom, and I sure am enjoying al the time I get with Baby Fish.  Going back to work at the end of the month is going to be hard!

3. Run the Richmond Marathon in November.

I have been running since being cleared to do so, but I have yet to sign up for the Richmond Marathon. I'm hoping to make a final decision on that in the next two weeks.  I'm going to start following an online marathon training plan, and if I can stick with it for two weeks, then I'll sign up for the marathon!

4. Take care of daily chores first.
I'm doing a great job with this goal, mainly because my only jobs right now is being a mom and cleaning the house!  We'll see how I do with this once the new school year gets going :)

5. Meal plan to ensure healthy eating and save money.

Doing the 21 Day Fix in June helped me get back on track with this goal.  I am not fully planning out the week's meals before going to the store, but I am making a plan for perishable items at the store before purchasing them.  That's easy to do now, since I can spend all the time in the world at the store if I want.  So, again, we'll see how I do with this once work starts!

Overall, I'm not doing too bad with my goals (except for the first one)!  I have some things I need to work on, and hopefully in the next month I'll decide on the marathon.  

Other goal check-ins for the year:

Question for you: How are you doing with your goals for the year?

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