Monday, March 30, 2015

2015 Goals: Quarter-Year Check In

At the beginning of the year, I like to set a few goals for myself in multiple aspects of my life.  Since we're now a quarter of the way through the year (how did that happen?!), I wanted to check in with my goals and fill you in on the progress.
I'm going to be 100% honest with y'all, as this will help keep me accountable for the rest of the year.  Reflecting on goals and being dishonest isn't helpful at all, so things are about to get real up in here!

1. Memorize 24 verses of Scripture through the Siesta Scripture Memory Team.
Grade: C-
I have chosen 6 out of 6 verses to memorize this year.  I've fully memorized 2 of them, partially memorized 2, and am still working on the last two.  Overall, I've really enjoyed the practice of memorizing Scripture.  I really am motivated to do so, but I think I'm not considering what verses to pick until the very last minute.  I hope to do a better job with this for the rest of the year!

2. Be the mother God would have me to be.
Grade: B
I'm going to look at this from a pregnancy stand-point.  I've done a good job of taking care of myself so that I take care of Baby Fish as he/she grows and develops.  In my next goals reflection post, I'll actually be able to comment on being a mother! 

3. Run the Richmond Marathon in November.*
Grade: A (in theory)
It's hard to really grade this goal right now, considering I haven't signed up for the race.  But, I will give myself an A because it is still my plan to run the Richmond Marathon in November.  I'm remaining flexible with this goal, as I mentioned, because the baby will come first.  I have a goal race for a half marathon PR in mind if the marathon won't work out this year, and I'll share that as the time gets closer.

4. Take care of daily chores first.
Grade: D
For the most part, I have not been very good with this.  While I have done a few more daily chores that I did in the past year, they aren't the first thing I do when I get home from work or before other fun stuff on the weekend.  This will be easier to do while I'm home on maternity leave and over the summer, so hopefully I'll create some routines that will carry over when I go back to work in the fall.

5. Meal Plan to ensure healthy eating and save money.
Grade: F
Yeah, I haven't done this at all.  There was one week where I attempted to meal plan, but then I never made it to the grocery store and just made what was in the house or went out to eat.  This is also something that will make my life so much easier while on maternity leave and over the summer.  Hopefully, I will get better about this!

So, I haven't really done that well with my goals so far this year.  I honestly don't know why I haven't done so well with my goals.  I guess I would say it's because of the pregnancy, but I don't want to make excuses.  I hope that I can make a better effort toward my goals over the next three months, even with all of the new stuff (aka baby!) going on.

Question for you: Did you set goals for 2015?  How are you doing with them?

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  1. Ack, how are we 1/3 of the way through the year already??? Sheesh! I honestly think that the first part of the year is almost the hardest for new goals. Yes, they seem super new and fresh, but post holidays life always seems to get crazy. Weather gets bad (well maybe not in FL), life is busy, and it just seems to be difficult to get motivated! At least you're staying accountable!