Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Pregnancy Update: 39 Weeks + My Birth Plan

Hey hey!  How's it going?  I can't believe it's Wednesday already--spring break is flying by!  The weather has been a little crummy this week, but Joe and I are still getting a lot done around the house and having some fun, too!

It's time for another pregnancy update!  Can you believe that my due date is Sunday?  I feel like Baby Fish is going to be late, but still, the time has just gone by so fast!  So, enjoy this week's pregnancy update, as it could be the last!

Pregnancy Update: 39 Weeks

How far along? 39 weeks (and 3 days)

Baby Bump progress: 

Baby's Size? a watermelon! Around 7 pounds and 20-21 inches long.

What's happening this week?  
  • Baby's brain is still growing and developing rapidly
  • Baby's nails may extend past the fingertips now (gotta have those mittens ready for the hospital!)
  • Baby may be able to flex his/her limbs now
Total weight gain/loss: 33.8 pounds total since my first doctor's visit.  I actually go to the doctor today, so that number is probably a little different.

Stretch marks?: nothing new!  Just the little ones at my armpits, some on my chest (which have faded a bit), and a light one going down my stomach.

Sleep: not too bad as of late.  I'm getting up at least once during the night to use the restroom, but I fall right back asleep.  I'm also getting a little warm at night--Tequila likes to snuggle right up next me to at times and she's a little heater!  

Best moment this week: getting some "grown up" stuff done!  Joe and I went shopping for last-minute baby necessities (we had no bottles or breast milk collection bags for the breast pump!), met with a financial advisor, and put in an application for a house to rent!  Welcome to real world!

Miss anything?: Same stuff as last week: having lots of clothing options, having normal-sized feet, alcohol, sleeping comfortably, plus running and being able to sit however I want without the fear of swollen feet!

Movement: lots of movement still!  He/she is still moving the feet and butt into my ribs (ouch!0, but this week, I started feeling movements against my hip bone--that was kind of interesting!  I guess Baby Fish is moving his hands/head a little bit more!

Food cravings: Cold things, like ice cream, iced coffee, smoothies, slurpees, etc.  I guess the rise in temperature is making my mouth too warm!
Smoothies by the pool on Saturday!
Anything making you queasy or sick: I did have a little sickness on Friday night :-X  I either ate too much, or the sandwich I ate for dinner gave me some issues.  I felt so much better after vomiting, though!

Gender: We'll find out when Baby Fish is born :)  It's almost time!!!

Labor Signs: As far as I can tell, just some Braxton-Hicks contractions.  Baby Fish may have dropped just a liiiiiiittle bit, but that's about it.  I'm sure the doctor will check dilation today at the appointment

  • Swollen feet/ankles (and some finger swelling)
  • Braxton-Hicks contractions
  • Maybe a little "nesting" this weekend
  • Just feeling uncomfortable a lot of the time
Belly Button in or out? still in!

Wedding rings on or off? Off most every day this week :( 

Happy or Moody?: Happy for the most part, though I did have a very quick mood swing when Joe told me something I didn't want to hear.  I think I scared him a little!  Oops!

Funny moments this week: On Sunday, we went to hang out with some of Joe's classmates.  It was all guys and me, and most of them would not let me get up to get more water, food, etc. b/c they were all afraid that I'd start giving birth right there!!  No matter how much I tried to convince them that even if labor started, they wouldn't see a baby, they just insisted on waiting on me.  Hey, I didn't mind :)  Guys are so funny when they dont' know anything about pregnancy!!

Looking forward to: JOE'S GRADUATION on Friday!!!, and of course, meeting Baby Fish sometime soon!!

Exercise this week: Still walking about 3x a week.  The labor/delivery nurse at our birthing class said that can help speed up labor, so I'm probably going to be taking daily walks, especially once we get past Joe's graduation!  

I was telling Joe yesterday that I am really itching to get back into my regular exercise routine.  I've been missing BodyPump (I now have schedule conflicts with the classes when I work), and Im really missing running right now, too!  I just keep telling myself that soon enough, I can work to get back to where I was.

Baby Fish Feature: Birth Plan

Some of the questions I've been getting now that I'm closer to the due date are, "are you planning to have an epidural?", "do you have a birth plan," and "will you have a C-section?"  These are all things that, now that we're done with the birthing classes, I feel very educated about answering!  The classes did a great job presenting all of the options, and I've been able to make some decisions about what I want.

So, I thought today I'd share my birth plan.  Before I do, let me just say this: a birth plan is a really personal decision people have to make for themselves.  I'm only sharing what I am choosing for myself because this is my blog and I want to!  I am in no way trying to say certain things are wrong or insult someone who chose/is choosing a different plan than me.  This is just what I want for my body and my baby and am not saying it's right for everyone.  So please don't be offended, and if your opinions differ than mine, that's great but let's have a respectful conversation about them :)

Of course, this is all subject to change depending on how things are going, and I am open to adjustments if it's what's needed for a safe delivery!
  • No analgesics.  These are medicines used to help relax the mother, but they act like/are narcotics.  They make the baby sleepy and could have trouble with the first feeding.  No, thank you!  Although, my mom did share with me that she had these when in labor with my brother, and he came out fine.  Still, I don't want to run that risk.
  • I'd like to avoid an epidural if possible.  I told Joe that I'm going to attempt this without an epidural, but if I'm going crazy, to tell me to get one.  My issue with it is that it confines you to the bed AND you have to have a catheter to keep your bladder empty.  Again, I'd like to avoid this if at all possible, but I do know that the pain may be too much.  I'm open to having one, but I'd just prefer not to.
  • For pain management afterward, I'd only like to have the ibuprofen.  Other options include narcotics, and while the L/D nurse at the class said they monitor the doses so it doesn't affect the breast milk, I'd still just like to avoid it.
  • I only want Joe in the room with me.  This shouldn't be an issue, as most family who plans to come is going to arrive after the birth.
  • I'd like to have a natural, vaginal delivery (aka avoid being induced or having a C-section) if possible.  Again, if it's necessary for either myself or the baby, obviously I'm going to have a C-section.  But, I'd like to just let nature take its course if the baby's late and it's healthy to do so.  I mean, cave women did this, so why can I?  Plus, I'm not really at the "get this baby out of me!!!!" stage that many women tend to be at when they reach 36ish weeks, so I'm not really thinking of being induced.
Well, there you have it!  Now it's time to go get that hospital bag picked and the car seat strapped in :)

Question for you: Moms and moms-to-be, do/did you have a birth plan?  Everyone, what cold foods have you been wanting lately?

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  1. First of all, YOU ARE SO CLOSE!!! AH!!!!

    I have been ALL about the cold foods lately too! And it's still a bit chilly here up in VA! Haha. But my love of iced coffee (decaf these days, of course) has come back full force. It's kind of a problem. Also, I am all about a birth plan and making informed decisions. In my opinion, everyone's birth is their own and whatever YOU want to do for YOU is totally fine, I just wish everyone was as educated about it as you are being! Know your options, people!