Wednesday, March 11, 2015

WIAW #49: From Healthy to Cravings

Good morning everyone!  Once again, this week is flying by, as it's already Wednesday!  Seriously, before I know it, it's going to be March 29th and Baby Fish will be with us.  Crazy!!

I want to say a huge congratulations to my friend Jen and her husband Preston!  Their first son Caden was born yesterday, and both Jen and Caden are healthy and happy.  
Jen and me before her wedding, June 9, 2012
Jen and I have known each other since elementary school, and what's cool is we both got married the same month in 2012 and we are both going to have our first baby in the same month (or close to it) in 2015!  It's pretty cool to have a friend going through the same things you are at the same time.  Love you, Jen and Preston, and can't wait to meet little Caden!!!

Ok, now on to the post...

Since it's Wednesday, I thought I'd join in the What I Ate Wednesday fun!  We're going to take a look at Tuesday's meals today.  I started the day with every intention of having a really healthy eating day.  I purchased good things to eat from the store this weekend and was all set...until my day got really crazy.  Let's take a look!
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As always, thanks to Arman from The Big Man's World for the link-up today for Jenn!  Head over to his blog to see what WIAW is all about, and to check out other bloggers' eats!

I started the morning with a bowl of Special K Protein cereal.  This is the Cinnamon Maple Brown Sugar flavor, and boy is it tasty!  Since it's a protein cereal, it keeps me full for longer.  I really look forward to eating this every morning.

Morning Snack
I'm back to my Greek yogurt with granola mixed in!  I've certainly missed this snack, so I really enjoyed eating it on Tuesday.  Tuesday's mix: Yoplait Strawberry Banana Greek yogurt and Wild Blueberry Flax Granola from Naturebox.  Good stuff!

Lunch was another back-to-the-norm: a salad!  I topped spinach with tomatoes, orange peppers, cucumbers, and an avocado.  I also ate baby carrots and an apple on the side.  Very yummy and healthy!!

Afternoon Snack #1
My lunch wasn't too filling (delicious, but the fruits and veggies didn't really hold me over), so I had a Nature Valley Protein bar around 1:30pm.  I normally eat that as I'm driving home from work around 3pm, but no big deal, the stomach was growling and I have to keep Baby Fish well fed!

Afternoon Snack #2
So here's where I started to give in to the pregnancy cravings, thanks to my not-so-filling lunch and eating my normal snack about 1.5 hours early.  I had to stop by the store to pick up some snacks for a presentation I was giving in the afternoon.  I happened to walk by the Easter candy and spotted the Reese's Eggs.  I know we've talked about how the Reese's shapes are so much better than regular Reese's, so I had to eat one.  No big deal, though!  Gotta treat yourself every now and then, and I'd had a healthy day of eats so far!

Afternoon Snack #2
While at the store, I wanted some carbs.  So I picked up some Cheetos (pregnancy craving #2) and ate some when I got home.  I was still hungry and needed something to keep me going for my busy late afternoon/evening.  The Cheetos hit the spot, then it was off to give my presentation at 4:30!

I had to leave my presentation early so that I could get to my second birthing class!  I wanted to go to Chipotle, but by the time I left and got close, I didn't have time to wait and make it to the class on time.  So, I opted for Wendy's drive-thru.  I had chicken nuggets, fries, and a chocolate frosty.  While certainly not healthy, I need to eat something and I got the taste for the nuggets as I was getting close to the Wendy's.

So, there you have it!  A day that started healthy and turned into satisfy-the-cravings.  Hey, it happens!  I am set up for a full day of healthy eats today and hope that'll continue for the rest of the week.

Question for you: How often do you give in to cravings?
It's a lot easier to do when you aren't pregnant and/or running around from work to meeting to meeting.


  1. I give into cravings more than I should...But try and limit to once a day because most of the time its chocolate ;)

    1. Oh I'm right there with ya! Everything in moderation, right?