Thursday, July 9, 2015

Baby Fish: 3 Month Update

On Tuesday, someone turned 3 months old!
We had another fun month with her, including some pool time,
a trip to Atlanta to see a Braves game,
her first baby sitter,
trying to sit up with assistance,
and taking lots of selfies with mom.

We don't have a 3 month doctor appointment (we go back at 4 months), so I took some rough measurements because I was curious:
Height: 25.5 inches (95th percentile)
Weight: 14.6 pounds (75th percentile)

Baby Fish is still a good little eater!  She breast feeds about 6-8 times a day about 2-3 hours apart.  The new thing this month was starting rice cereal once a week!

I've been mixing a small spoonful of the rice cereal with 5-6 spoonfuls of breast milk and essentially dumping it in her mouth.  The pediatrician suggested doing this two times a week to avoid constipation, and that seems to be working pretty well for her!

She still does not take a bottle very well.  We are going to try some different bottles (any suggestions would be welcome!!), but this does make me a little nervous since she'll start day care in a few weeks.

Sleep is still good, as well.  Her bedtime is pretty consistently between 8 and 9, and she sleeps until around 6am.  She usually eats, then goes to sleep for another 1-3 hours.  There are a few nights she'll wake up between 3-4am to eat, but those are few and far between.
She's still taking a 3-hour nap and one or two 1-hour naps each day.
She's also found her thumb in the last week, which normally puts her to sleep when she sucks on it.  She doesn't protest when we take it out of her mouth, so that works well.  Hopefully that won't become a habit, but I won't lie, that's really come in handy with her being able to soothe herself on car rides!
The nice thing is that she wakes up happy.  She'll sort of cry when she wakes up, but then when we go in to the room, she starts making happy noises.

Baby Fish gets more and more active, and it's a lot of fun!
She is intentionally grabbing things and shaking them.  On her play mat, she'll even pull some of the things off!
It's pretty cute.  She also makes faces at us and enjoys interacting with people.
She's also now found her feet and likes to watch them move when she sits in her car seat.
The big development: she's started rolling over!
She very easily gets on her side, and she's pretty much made it to her stomach.  Her bottom arm gets in her way when trying to get all the way over to her stomach, but she's pretty much there!

Baby Fish likes:
-being held/around people
-waking up
-cuddle/PJ time in the morning
-playing on her play mat
-looking at mom and dad
-taking walks in the stroller
-rolling and scooting

Baby Fish dislikes:
-being set down in the evening (she really wants to be around people in the evening)
-waiting to eat
-bottles/pacifiers (though she doesn't scream anymore when we try a pacifier)
-shots (had our first round at the last appointment)
-wearing headbands when she's falling asleep

Overall, Baby Fish is such a happy little baby!  We love you, Baby Fish, and look forward to everything new in the upcoming month!
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  1. Baby Fish looks so happy in all of the pictures! Love them!