Monday, December 14, 2015

Meal/Workout Plan 12/14

Hey guys!  How's everyone doing?  We had a pretty fun weekend attending a wedding and visiting Joe's mom!

The wedding was just south of Tampa, FL so we got enjoy some beautiful December weather in Florida!
The wedding was so nice, and we all enjoyed catching up with some friends from Joe's chiropractic school.  Baby Fish also seemed to enjoy her very first wedding!
On our way back home, we stopped through Gainesville and visited with Joe's mom before coming home on Sunday.  While in Gainesville, I got some baby snuggles that were just awesome.
Gotta enjoy them while I can!

Meal/Workout Plan 12/14
It's hard to get back in to the work week after a great weekend like we had, but here we are on Monday once again.  As I normally (try to) do, I wanted to share my meal and workout plan for this week!  I've found that when I actually do this, I'm much more likely to stick to it.

So, here are my planned dinners and workouts for each day:
Monday: Broccoli-stuffed Chicken / Strength workout (probably the Dirty 30 workout from 21 Day Fix)
Tuesday: Chicken 'n Dumplings / 3 miles of speedwork
Wednesday: Take-out from our favorite Mexican restaurant / rest day
Thursday: Grilled Salmon and veggies / 3 miles
Friday: Southwestern Qunioa / rest day
Saturday: Dinner Out / BodyPUMP + 1.5 miles
Sunday: /6 miles
Breakfasts for the week will be oatmeal with a spoonful of peanut butter.  Lunches will be a salad topped with veggies, black beans, and quinoa (sides of fruit and yogurt).

I'm in the middle of training for the Princess Half Marathon in February, so it's really important for me to get in my scheduled runs!  My training has been a bit sporadic, but I'm making a commitment to myself starting this week to stick to it so that I can be confident for my first postpartum half marathon!

Question for you: What's your healthy meal plan this week?  What are your planned workouts?

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