Friday, August 14, 2015

Friday Five: Catching Up

Well, hey, everyone!  I've been away from the blog thanks to school starting.  It's been a bit of an adjustment to working with a baby AND going back in to the classroom! 

So let's take some time to catch up from the week!  Here are five things that have been going on since we talked last:

1. I injured myself last night.
Starting off on a sad note, I somehow fell walking out of my house and did something to my foot.  Fortunately, I don't believe it's broken, but according to my husband and the PT he works with, it's a hematoma.  And it's painful.  Let me tell you, work today and caring for a 4-month old is going to be interesting with my funny limp!

2. Monday's dinner was the epitome of fresh seafood!
Joe was at a bachelor party last weekend in Key West, which included some lobstering!  He brought 4 lobster tails back, and we cooked them up on Monday night for dinner.  They were fresh and delicious!!  I love fresh foods, and getting seafood over the summer that was caught ourselves (like scallops last year) is always a great treat for dinner.

3.  I discovered a new donut shop nearby.  And it's dangerous.
Y'all, Daylight Donuts is near our house and they have a red velvet donut.  It's so, so good.  I've gone back two other times to buy them, they're that good!  Yum yum!

4. Baby Fish had her first bite of baby food!
At her 4-month appointment on Monday, the doctor said to go ahead and try stage 1 baby food with her.  We decided to try squash first and started it on Wednesday night.  She ate a few bites but was over it pretty quickly.  Tequila was obviously interested in what we were doing, though!

5. Going back to work has been fairly simple with a happy baby.
Baby Fish's happy and go-with-the-flow disposition has made the transition back to work relatively easy!  It's still quite an adjustment going back to the classroom, having work to bring home, and most importantly, having a child to care for.  She's such an easy-going baby that it's made things much easier on me!!  She's doing great at day care and really soaks in all the time we have together when we get home.  It's going well so far!

I'm hoping to be back to a more regular posting schedule next week, but we will see!  (My baby > my job > the blog in the priorities list)  Hope y'all have a good weekend!

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  1. - Oh my goodness that donut looks delicious! :)
    - Giving Charlotte her first food was a similar experience; it was over before it began (we gave her mashed avocado.) She began enjoying the experience more and more as the weeks went on.