Wednesday, August 26, 2015

WIAW #57: What I've Eaten Lately

Hey, strangers!  Long time, no see!  We have two things to thank for that: my foot/ankle sprain has pretty much sidelined me from working out.  I've just now been able to go for walks since Monday after about ten days of no activity at all.  

We can also continue to blame my lack of blogging on my transition back into the working world.  Real talk: it's tough.  I feel like I'm going, going, going all the time at school, and then going, going, going at home.  I love it all, of course, but I just need to learn how to balance it all, as well as take some time for myself to relax (or, you know, eat and drink enough water!).

Hopefully when I find that balance (which will be in no more than two weeks--I'm setting a goal!), I can attend to the blog a little more.  I'll post when I can, but just know that home > school > blog right now!

Let's catch up a little more by looking at what I've been eating lately.
I'm linking up with other bloggers for What I Ate Wednesday!  Thanks, Jenn, for creating this phenomenon and for the link-up!

My breakfasts lately have been two-parters.  First, I'll have a bowl of oatmeal with a spoonful of peanut butter mixed in while feeding Baby Fish.  On the way to work, I'll drink Shakeology for some added protein and nutrition to get me through until lunch.

My lunches have been a mix of sandwiches, salads, and leftovers.  Basically, whatever I have in the house that's easy to throw together the night before (or quickly in the morning).  I also usually have a piece of fruit and baby carrots on the side or as a post-lunch snack.  

Afternoon Snacks
Much to the demise of my healthy eating (and my wallet!), I've been stopping somewhere for a sweet treat in the afternoon.  I'll either go by at a local donut shop or coffee shop for a drink and a sweet snack.  It's how I've been dealing with my stress, but it's not making me feel good.

This week, I set a goal to not make this stop in the afternoon, and I've been successful so far this week! I'm eating a Greek yogurt before leaving school, which seems to satisfy the sweet tooth without being too bad for me.


I've been doing well with meal planning for the last three weeks, which also includes trying some new recipes!  Our dinners usually include a lean meat and a vegetable, and I feel like we've had some really healthy meals overall.  Meal planning has made the evenings less stressful, since I already know what I'm making and have everything on hand already.  Easy peasy--just have to cook!

So, that's what I've been eating!  I know that I need to include a morning snack and make my afternoon snack more healthy.  Those are the goals for the next week to get back in to that habit.

Question for you: What have you eaten lately?

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