Monday, September 28, 2015

Meal Plan Monday + Training Log 9/28

Hey, guys!  Long time, no talk!
It seems that any time I try to get a post ready, I never wind up actually publishing it for one reason or another.  This girl may have a little bit of something to do with that!
I'm hoping to do a better job of that from here on out.  I'll do a catching up post later this week, but for now, let's get in to my normal Monday post: my meal and workout plan for the week!

Meal/Workout Plan 9/28-10/4
Monday-Blackened Tilapia-I found a recipe on the back of the bag of frozen tilapia filets for blackening the fish.  This is my favorite way to order fish at a restaurant, so I want to try it out on my own!  We'll have fresh field peas (from a local farmer!) on the side.
Tuesday-Crock Pot Apple Chicken and Sweet Potatoes-I keep putting this on the meal plan then never making it.  It is happening this week, for sure!  I'll probably serve steamed broccoli with it.
Wednesday-out for Mexican food
Thursday-Cheeseburger Casserole-I actually made this for dinner on Sunday night, but the recipe makes enough for us to make two meals out of it!
Friday-Sunday-meals in Virginia!-we are heading up to my grandparents' houses this weekend for some family time (and a Virginia Tech game), so I look forward to spending time with them!
Workouts-I'm doing the Piyo program, so I'll be following their plan for the workouts.  These low-impact workouts seem easy but really are no joke!

Training Log 9/21-9/27
I started following the Piyo program last week.  My foot is still recovering from the sprain, so a low-impact workout program is perfect for me!  Also, these DVDs are about 25-35 minutes long, so I can easily fit them in during Baby Fish's afternoon nap.  Let's see how I did with the plan vs. what I actually did:
Monday-Piyo Define: Lower Body
Tuesday-Piyo Define: Upper Body
Wednesday-Piyo Sweat
Thursday-planned rest day
Friday-Piyo Define: Lower Body unplanned rest day
Saturday-Piyo Define: Upper Body lazy day
Sunday-Piyo Sweat
Not perfect, but hey, 4 workouts in a week is a drastic improvement from what I've been doing.  And I'm striving for progress, not perfection!

Question for you: What's on your meal plan?  What did your workouts look like last week?\

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