Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Pregnancy Update: 29 Weeks + For Two Fitness's Fit Mama Giveaway

Good morning everyone!  Hope things are going well for you.  Let's just jump right on in to today's post!  I'm just excited to tell y'all how things are going with the pregnancy and Baby Fish since I had to wait a day to do so!!

Pregnancy Update: 28 Weeks

How far along? 29 weeks (and three days)

Baby Bump progress: one of the youth took this picture this week, and I think she did a great job!
Big thing this week: when I look down, my stomach is pretty far past my boobs.

Baby's Size? an acorn squash!  About 2.5 pounds and 17 inches long

What's happening this week?  
  • Baby is growing fat deposits under the skin
  • Lots of movements!  It's starting to get cramped in there
Total weight gain/loss: 17.2 pounds since the first appointment.  Doctor said yesterday that I'm right on track!  I'm feeling slightly insecure because I constantly hear "Wow, you don't look that big for being that far along!"  I was starting to feel like something might be wrong, but I asked the doctor and she said everything was looking good and that my height (therefore, more torso room) and the fact it's my first pregnancy have just helped me "hide it" better

Stretch marks? no new ones!

Sleep: I'm starting to favor sleeping on my left side now.  I've also been waking up a couple times a night, but fortunately I'm able to get back to sleep soon after.

Best moment this week: I had a lot of fun on Sunday taking down my Christmas decorations and getting the house back in order.  Is that sad that's my best moment this week?  I guess I'm going through "nesting" moments, and that seems to be one of them!

Miss anything?: fitting in to my normal clothes--particularly workout gear this week, being able to plan my run/race schedule for the year, and being able to breathe in deeply--that's really uncomfortable!

Movement: Baby Fish is still rockin' and rollin' in there!  He/she doesn't like it when I set stuff on my belly and will kick hard enough to make it jump!  It's really weird to see that happen, especially when nothing is on my stomach.

Food cravings: I've just been wanting a lot of carbs this week.  Nothing specific, and nothing I have to have RIGHT NOW.  I've just had a taste for carbs!

Anything making you queasy or sick: Other than eating a carrot that had gone bad (I didn't realize it) and feeling the effects of that, I haven't felt sick or queasy at all!

Gender: We'll find out when Baby Fish is born :)

Labor Signs: none (thankfully!)

  • lower back pain every now and then
  • growing belly
  • itchy/dry skin on my belly and back
  • acid reflux, especially when I eat too much or eat poorly
  • sensitive gums-they've been bleeding when I'm brushing my teeth lately
Belly Button in or out? in, but definitely not as deep as it was

Wedding rings on or off? on!

Happy or Moody?: I was actually pretty happy this week!  I did get emotional while watching the live stream of the WDW Marathon finish this weekend, but I've been pretty happy otherwise :)

Funny moments this week: Some of my co-workers REALLY want to know the gender of the baby, and when we were at a meeting on Thursday, a bunch of them wanted to see the ultrasound to try and figure it out.  It was quite funny, because there were about 4 of them arguing over what they were seeing!  Each of them seemed to have a different opinion, so that was pretty funny.  I guess we'll all find out in about 3 months!

Looking forward to: baby showers (first one is next weekend!), and going to Richmond with Joe this weekend!  I'm really looking forward to seeing my family, and my aunt and uncle are also going to come down.  Hopefully I'll get to see some friends from home, as well.

Exercise this week Well, I did not meet my goal of weight training during the week.  Let's see what I did do:
Tuesday-2.03 mile run with Tequila
Wednesday-1.92 mile walk with Tequila
Thursday-rest day
Friday-rest day
Saturday-1.61 mile walk with Tequila
Sunday-rest/lazy day
Monday-rest/rainy day-was planning to walk/run, but the weather was nasty!
Tuesday-1.52 mile walk with Tequila
Tequila got a lot of love this week from me.  Joe started his internship, so he's gone longer than I am.  Poor Tequila is in the crate for so long, so when I get home, I want to take her outside with me for a bit.  She is LOVING it, that's for sure!  Because my activity has centered around her, I haven't run much.  She wants to run a lot faster than I can go right now, so I've been taking a short break from running.  Gotta get back to it, though, with a 5K coming up next Saturday!

Baby Fish Feature: Fit Mama Giveaway from For Two Fitness
For all those moms-to-be out there, I found a great giveaway online that I wanted to share with you!  This giveaway is from For Two Fitness, a company specializing in workout gear for pregnant women.
The prizes in this giveaway are valued at over $1000 and include:

  • BOB Revolution FLEX single stroller
  • For Two Fitness maternity outfit
  • Ergo 360 Baby Carrier furnished by Madison Drake baby boutique
  • 1 pair of Asics running shoes
If you're a fit mama-to-be, head over to For Two Fitness's blog for how to enter to win!  You better believe that I'M entering to win.  I could certainly use all of those items!  Best of luck to everyone!

Well, friends, that's all I got for you this week!  Expect the next installment of the Dubai trip recaps tomorrow!  It's a fun one, so get excited!

Question for you: What did your workouts look like this week?  Moms-to-be: what are you missing right now?  


  1. After all my holiday travels, I'm FINALLY getting back into working out this week, and realizing how much I missed it. I'm definitely one of those people who enjoys the gym (most of the time), so I'm really hoping that I can keep it up the rest of my pregnancy. I don't know how mom's who get stuck on bed rest do it - I would go insane!!

    1. Oh, I would, too! I really hope I don't have to be on bed rest *knocks on wood* Hopefully the working out will help that--I keep hearing that from everyone at the gym and other fit moms!

  2. Happy 29 weeks! Our baby girl is rockin' and rollin' in my belly as well! I can't believe how strong her kicks are getting :)
    Karen @karenlovestorun

    1. I know! I've been getting some rib kicks lately that have me nervous for when Baby Fish gets bigger--they hurt so much already!