Wednesday, April 15, 2015

WIAW #50: Newborn Edition

Wow!  This is my 50th What I Ate Wednesday post!  How crazy!  What better way than to the share my eats from Baby Fish's one-week birthday.  
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These meals are from Tuesday.  My mom is in town helping us with the baby, and she has been kind enough to fix our meals!  Thanks, Mom aka Nana!

Thanks, as always, to Jenn for the WIAW link-up!  Head over to her blog Peas and Crayons to learn more about What I Ate Wednesday and to check out what other bloggers are eating!

Cereal is still the norm around here for breakfast, and this week I've been eating Special K Protein cereal.  I love this flavor (brown sugar crunch), and it does a decent job of keeping me full in the morning!

After an appointment at the pediatrician (Baby Fish looks "perfect" according to the doctor and is already back to her birth weight), Mom fixed us a simple lunch of PBJ, baby carrots and Cheez-It's.

 Yum yum!  I also had a few Oreos for dessert.

Afternoon Snack
My snacks yesterday were in liquid form, as I drank a Vanilla Coke for a "snack" in the afternoon.  Apparently, the "pregnancy" cravings don't fully go away, and these were an impulse buy after seeing them in the store.  So good, though!

Tuesday's dinner was leftover baked spaghetti!  One of Joe's classmates brought over a HUGE dish of baked spaghetti on Saturday, and we had enough for a second meal on Tuesday!  Mom cooked up some mixed veggies to have on the side, which made for a delicious meal.

Evening Snack
I had another liquid snack in the form of cranberry-raspberry juice before feeding Baby Fish around 10pm.  Breastfeeding makes me thirsty (and hungry)!


Yesterday, we took a little walk around the neighborhood.  That's about all I can do right now, but it really is a fun way to get the whole family (including the pup!) out in the fresh air and getting some exercise.  Fun times!
Overall, I think I'm adjusting pretty well to life with a newborn.  She is just so much fun and really is a good baby!  It's so nice to have my mom here to help out.  We will definitely miss her when she leaves tomorrow!

Question for you: Have you had to deal with a significant life change like this?  Did you have anyone there to help you out?


  1. Sounds like you're doing great! It's so awesome that you're able to get out of the house already and get some sunshine!! I can't wait to hear more about life with a newborn (prepare me for what I'm about to experience!!!)

  2. Yum, everything looks great:) And what fun it looks like you're having with the fam!