Monday, December 2, 2013

Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge Week 2 Recap

Can you believe it's already Dec. 2nd?  Only 23 days until Christmas!  Today, I want to recap last week as it relates to the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge.
Head over to Amanda's blog today to see how other HBBCers did this week!  There are various points for various activities, as well as one point for 5-7 servings of fruits/veggies, one point for 64+ ounces of water, and one point of participating on the Facebook page.

Activity: 4.11 mile run.  Went for negative splits and I just about go it! (4.11 points)
Got my freggie, water, and Facebook points, too.  Total: 7.11 points

No activity today (late work day wrapping things up at school #1 for the week), but I earned my water point for the day.  Total: 1 point

No activity today either (wrapping up with school #2), but I earned my freggie and water points.
Total: 2 points

Activity: Went on another run.  This time, it was 3.30 miles.  My goal for the run was for each mile to be between 10-10:30 minutes, and I did that! (3.30 points)
Thumbs up for me!
Got my freggie, water, and Facebook points too.  Total: 6.30 points

On Thanksgiving, the only point I earned was my freggie point.  I tell ya, I eat a lot on Thanksgiving, but but most of it is veggies!  Total: 1 point

Activity: 3-mile hike with my husband and sister-in-law. (3 points)
Since I got my family involved in something activity this week, that earned me 3 bonus points!  Hooray!  Also, I got my Facebook point for the day.  Total: 4 points + 3 bonus

Activity: As I watched the Virginia Tech football game (a Decade of Dominance over UVA in our in-state rivalry!  Woo-hoo!), I completed this workout that Amanda created during the first half:
Workout Credit
I tell ya, this was a great workout!  Especially because Virginia Tech had 40 penalty yards in the first half (=40 burpees!).  Here's what I wound up with:
Point total=1.5 points.
I also got my Facebook and water points for the day.  Total: 3.5 points

Week Total: 24.91 points
Challenge Total: 28.03 + 24.91 + 3 bonus = 55.94

Highlight of the Week: I really enjoyed the runs I went on this week!
Goal for next week: Have a higher point total than the first two weeks.  I'm already working toward that, since I went to CXWORX on Sunday and have gym clothes packed for today.

Question for you: What was your fitness/health-related highlight of last week?


  1. Nice job on the football workout!! I only did it for half the game I was doing too because the score was nutz!

    1. Thank you! What a crazy workout, thanks for creating it!

  2. I did the football workout too! What a killer!!!

    1. Oh, it is! Good job getting through it :)