Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday Favorites

Hey there!  We finally made it to Friday :)  I don't know about y'all, but it has been a LONG week for me.  I have just been so tired for no reason at all.  Even multiple cups of coffee a day can't beat this sleepiness!

Oh well, let's get to some fun things today.  First, if you happened to miss yesterday's post, I'm giving away a free entry to any Spartan Race!  You have until 11:59PM on Sunday to enter, so hurry!

Now, let's get on to some of my favorite things this week.

Favorite Welcoming Committee

When Joe and I were cleaning this weekend, we put a mat outside to air out/dry.  Kitty Cat (our stray cat friend) decided to start waiting for us there this week, and it's quite a cute sight to come home to!

Favorite Accomplishment

My long run on Sunday was AWESOME!  My average pace was under 11:00 for the first time on a long run.  I feel really great about myself and really excited to continue training for these two half marathons I have coming up!

Favorite Way to Celebrate that Accomplishment

After my awesome run, Joe and I went to one of our favorite bars to watch football.  I ordered my favorite beer, Terrapin Rye Pale Ale, and enjoyed the evening with the hubby :)

Favorite New Clothes

This dress is SUPER CUTE!  It came in my very first StitchFix (referral link!), which I will talk more about soon :)  The dress is comfy, has an adorable cut in the back, and is flowy and fun.

Favorite Secret

Today, one of my co-workers and I planned a surprise baby shower for my friend/co-worker, Ashley.  We told her we wanted to meet with her to talk about plans for when she is out on maternity leave (a completely normal thing for the department head and math coach to do), so she was 100% surprised when she saw the room!  We had a great time eating lunch together, opening gifts, and eating this fantastic cake that one of the teachers made.  She is so talented!
I'm also pretty impressed with myself for pulling off this surprise, since I'm usually too excited to keep my mouth shut.  Ashley was impressed, too!  :)  I can't wait to meet baby Kourtney oh-so soon!

Favorite Laugh
I opened my Chobani yogurt on Monday and was surprised to read this on the lid!  I got a good little laugh out of it, then started to wonder if reading that really did burn 2 calories.  That's my inquisitive math brain for ya!

Question for you: Anything you are celebrating this week?


  1. I am celebrating starting a new job! I, like you, am a former teacher. Now, I will be moving into a more administrative role, helping teachers integrate technology into their teaching. I will miss the kids a lot, but I am pumped for a new challenge and an opportunity to use my Masters Degree.

    1. Congrats! I'm glad your teachers will have you as a resource; it's tough to learn about all instructional technology on your own! I definitely miss the kids, but I think you'll like the new role.

  2. wohoo congrats on a great long run!! I love when our cats greet us when we get home, a surprise cat would be fun too