Monday, January 27, 2014

Weekend Recap + Workouts

Hey, everyone!  I hope you had a great weekend.  Mine was pretty full, but good nonetheless.

Joe went out of town this weekend, so on Friday I had a Netflix marathon.  The show I'm watching: How I Met Your Mother.
I'm mid-season 4 right now, and I must say, I love the show!  While watching episode after episode, I baked some cookies (hey, I like to bake when Joe isn't there) and spent the evening on the couch with Kitty Cat.
Rockin' Friday night, there, y'all!  Then, on Saturday, I left town myself to attend a conference for Florida math teachers.  One of my goals for 2014 is to attend conferences, and I'm glad I picked this one!  It was all about what's going on at the Florida DOE and different initiatives they are working on.

After the sessions on Saturday, I headed across the street to eat dinner at Carrabba's.  I was the only one from my group staying at the hotel, so I had a nice solitary meal.
Saturday night involved more HIMYM, but this time, I was running on the treadmill while watching.
I had a nice 3-mile run then walked for a bit while finishing up an episode.

The conference finished up with some sessions on Sunday morning, and I was back home by 1!  Joe returned shortly after, and we had a relaxing afternoon of catching up and watching TV.  In the evening, we headed to Winghouse for the WWE Royal Rumble pay-per-view.
Joe thoroughly enjoyed himself (as always), and I actually got really in to the final match (there are 30 guys trying to throw each other out of the's kind of fun!).  I ALMOST picked the winner of the match, so I bragged a little to Joe on the way home.

Overall, a fun weekend!  Now, let's take a look at my workouts this week.  I had the best week of workouts since coming back to school after winter break!  Here's what they looked like:
Sunday: 4-mile run + hip stability exercises
Monday: BodyPUMP class + hip stability exercises
Tuesday: 2 mile run + hip stability exercises
Wednesday: rest day
Thursday: Bikram Yoga (1.5 hours)
Friday: rest day
Saturday: 3 mile run + 20 minute walk + hip stability exercises

You may have noticed two things:
-I've been doing a lot of hip stability exercises!  Well, I went to a new chiropractic student, who is very focused on helping athletes.  She figured out that the cause of my knee pain (and some other little twinges) is due to hip instability and lack of core strength.  One way I've been working on that is by doing some exercises she showed me.  I was much better at doing them daily last week, and I noticed a difference very quickly!

-Bikram Yoga-This week, a friend asked if I wanted to use a guest pass at a Bikram (hot) Yoga studio nearby.  I thought it'd be fun to try, so we went together on Thursday.  Even though I was drenched in sweat, I really enjoyed this practice!  I'll have a full post soon reviewing my experience this week :)

Question for you: Do you ever go out to eat by yourself?  What's something new fitness-wise that you've tried lately?

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