Saturday, January 11, 2014

Stream of Consciousness Saturday

Are you guys getting sick of me randomly taking a blogging hiatus in the middle of the week?  I am, too!  I keep saying that it won't happen next week, but inevitably, it does.  Life gets in the way, and I'm going to have to let that be ok sometimes.

Since I don't have any specific I wanted to share, I'm going to call this Steam of Consciousness Saturday, where I will post a few random thoughts/things about my week.

1. We went back to school this week, and other than groaning at my alarm clock on Tuesday morning, things went very well!  I have some teachers trying new things, and it is very exciting to see them getting their students more involved in math class.
2. Speaking of work, one teacher invited me to do a hands-on lesson with their students this week!  It was a lot of fun to be working with students again, and the teacher e-mailed me the next day telling me how much the kids learned and retained.  It was fantastic to hear that I was able to reach them in a different way, and I'm so excited she asked me to do the lesson!
3.  I love to watch the sun set, and it's not often I'm up for the sun rise.  I saw it this morning, and it did not disappoint!
4.  Kitty Cat has continued to spend the night with us, and he is just adorable.  He is quite the snuggle buddy!  He would also ROCK at yoga.
5.  After doing an awesome job with my workouts this weekend/start of the week, I slacked off.  I'm going to make a schedule for next week so that I can make those workouts a priority.  I especially need to focus on my running, as the Daytona Half is just about a month away!

6. On Wednesday, I started a new Bible study: Gripped by the Greatness of God by James McDonald. This is my first non-Beth Moore Bible study in a few years, which is a good thing.  Sometimes, you need to hear the Word of God preached by some new faces!  After the first video session, I feel like this is going to be a great one!

7.  I read a huge announcement on Twitter this week, and it has me SO INSANELY excited for this summer!  As I revealed this past summer, I used to be OBSESSED with Fall Out Boy in high school.  I discovered them before they became big and have loved them ever since.  A little band called Paramore (another high school band obsession) was on their indie record label, and I also discovered them before they became big.  I've said since then that I want to be Hayley Williams, the lead singer.  Well, imagine my insane excitement when I found out THEY WILL BE TOURING TOGETHER THIS SUMMER!
Yes, MonumenTour is a perfect name for this tour.  They're coming to Tampa AND St. Pete two days in a row, so I just might attend both shows.  We'll see what my wallet thinks about that.

8.  And, since I can't end on an odd number, I've recently started watching How I Met Your Mother on Netfiix.
Image Source
I'm on the 13th episode in Season 1, and I'm really enjoying it so far.  My brother has watched almost all of the seasons, so it's fun to text him about what I think about each episode, the characters, and my predictions for the show.

Ok, I think it's time for me to make some coffee and read for a little bit :)  I'm heading to Orlando in a few hours for FLBlogCon's FORUM meeting!  More on that later.

Hope you have a sensational Saturday!

Question for you: Do you like going to concerts?  What a random thought on your mind?

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