Wednesday, January 29, 2014

My First Stitch Fix

Hey everyone!  Do you have snow where you are?  Many of my friends and family are telling me all about their snowy fun, so I hope you are enjoying it if you have it!  

Today's post is all about a really cool fashion service called Stitch Fix! (referral link).  I heard about this service through two bloggers I follow: Julie and Chelsea, and am so glad I gave it a try!

Basically, Stitch Fix is like having your own online personal shopper.  You sign up, fill out a style survey about your preferences and types of clothing you want, and the people at Stitch Fix put together 5 items for you.  They mail your Fix to you for a $20 styling fee, you decide what you want to keep and what you want to send back, and you pay for what you keep (the $20 styling fee goes toward your purchases).  You can sign up for monthly Fixes, or you can schedule a Fix on the day that works best for you.

When you fill out the style survey, you select styles you like based on names as well as pictures of different clothing items in that style.  You can also talk about things you like and things you don't really need.  They also encourage you to link your social media accounts so that the stylists can get to know you a little better.  I linked my Twitter and Pinterest accounts, even though I thought they wouldn't really look at it.  Then, you wait until your Fix arrives!

I received my first Fix at the beginning of January.  I first noticed how neatly everything was packaged!  The instructions of what to do were also conveniently on the box.
The initial presentation of my items was adorable, as well!
One thing I LOVE about Stitch Fix is that it really is personalized to you.  As you can see, the stylist includes a personal note with your Fix.  Jennifer, my stylist, commented on different items she saw on my Pinterest account and said she included certain styles because of it.  I was REALLY impressed with this, especially since I linked them without really expecting that!

Here are the five items I received:
Those are gold knot earrings, in case you can't tell
I had a lot of fun trying all of the items on.  I really, really loved each item Jennifer selected for me!  Each item definitely fit my style, and I loved that some of the colors were different than the clothes already in my closet!

After much debate over some of the items, this was the sole keeper from my Fix:
I ALMOST kept the gray A-line skirt, but it fit just a little too tight around the thighs.  I thought this dress was really cute, and I love the red belt as an accent!  I have some red shoes that will go perfectly with it.  Here's a close-up of the patterning on the dress:
Another really cool thing about Stitch Fix is that they include some styling/accessorizing ideas with each piece they send you!  This is awesome for someone like me who is a little hesitant with the accessories.
The last step of your Fix is to return the items you aren't keeping and fill out an online survey about your experience.  On it, you say what you're keeping, pay the remaining balance for the item (minus the $20 styling fee), and rate the items you received.  There's also a space for comments, and they encourage you to be as detailed as possible!  One of the things I made sure to include was that while I did ask for gold jewelry in my first survey, they sent me gold stud earrings.  I prefer dangling earrings, so I made sure to put that in my post-Fix survey.

Overall, my first Stitch Fix was a very positive experience!  I've already scheduled my next fix in mid-March.  I'm looking forward to some more stylish clothes from Stitch Fix!  If you are interested in trying Stitch Fix yourself, sign up here (referral link).  I highly recommend this convenient, customer-oriented service!

Question for you: Have you ever tried Stitch Fix or another similar service?


  1. I've heard SUCH great things about StitchFix! I even went through the process of creating an account and everything! But I haven't bit the bullet and actually ordered one, because I am worried about the price tag on a lot of the items. I'm a bit of a cheap-o when it comes to clothes and stuff, so I have a hard time justifying purchases to myself that I don't really need! Maybe someday though... because I've ONLY heard good things!

    1. I was concerned about that, too. The prices weren't too bad, I'd say a mid-ranged boutique pricing. What helped me is that I already paid the $20 styling fee, so I didn't want that to go to waste. I also put in my post-fix survey that the prices were a little high, so we'll see for next time! It's worth a try, even if you don't wind up getting things!