Saturday, February 1, 2014

Stream of Consciousness Saturday 2

Hey y'all!  Happy Saturday!  It's nice that it's finally the weekend.  I've had short weeks thanks to federal holidays and workshops since January started, so it was a little tough to work for five days this week.

When trying to decide what to post today, I couldn't really pick one topic.  So, I'm going to repeat my Stream of Consciousness Saturday.  Here's what's been on my mind/happening lately.

1.  First off, I need to say CONGRATULATIONS to my friend Ashley and her husband Nate!  They welcomed their first baby, a beautiful girl named Kourtney, into the world this week.  Congrats, you two, and I can't wait to meet the little gal!
At her baby shower in November

2.. I'm not sure why, but I've been in a little bit of a funk the past two weeks.  I just haven't felt like myself lately, and all I've wanted to do is just sit around.  I think it's finally lifting (at least, I hope so!!).

3. I've been loving hot yoga lately!  I'm going to share a full post about it, but over the last week, that's really the only workout I've been consistent with.

4. Speaking of yoga, I won a Core Power Fit Kit from Erica's blog, and it came in this week!  The yoga mat has come in handy, as has the AWESOME gym bag.  Plenty of room for all my stuff.  I tried out the Core Power chocolate protein shake (pretty tasty) and plan on using the exercise ball and water bottle very soon.  Pretty awesome giveaway win!  Thanks Erica and Core Power!

5. We got another package in the mail this week: Seattle Seahawks t-shirts from Kristie and Joe!
Joe got a Marshaun Lynch shirt, and I got a Russell Wilson shirt.  We're looking forward (can you tell??) to cheering on the Seahawks this weekend in the Super Bowl!

6. I've realized how much easier it is to work out when you have a friend going with you!  My friend Cacie (one of Joe's classmates) was the one who got me to try hot yoga for the first time, and since then we've been going twice a week!  It helps keep both of us accountable, and it's fun to talk about the practice afterward.  I need to find me a running buddy to get me motivated in my race training!

7. I wasn't really sure what to make for the Super Bowl this year, but I think I'm going to go with these quinoa pizza bites.  They sound tasty, easy to make, and healthy!  That's the Super Bowl snack trifecta right there!
Image Source
I'll let y'all know how they work out!

8.  I'm going to start working on my Daytona half marathon playlist this weekend.  I can't believe it's only two weeks away, and the Disney Princess Half Marathon is three weeks away!  I've already got some ideas, but if you have good running song suggestions, let me know!

Question for you: What are you making for the Super Bowl?  Any good running songs I need to add to my playlist?

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