Monday, November 18, 2013

Low-Key Weekend

Hi y'all!  Happy Monday!  This Monday was actually pretty good for me, so I'm looking forward to a good week.

Let's recap this weekend, shall we?  It was pretty low-key, but fun at the same time!

After updating y'all on the races I have coming up, I went for a run!
I ran the first two miles, then did some run/walk intervals.  My goal was 3 miles, but my knee started to hurt, so I wound up a little short.  This was my "semi-long run" for training before my long run on Sunday.

After running and catching a few minutes of the Virginia Tech game (ugh!  Why did we lose?!?!), I headed to a local park for my friend Ashley's baby shower!
Ashley and I taught together last year, and she is now working at one of the schools where I am the math coach!  I'm so happy that we still work together and that I got to be a part of her baby shower.

Her mom had us do something really cool: instead of cards, we were to buy our favorite children's books and write our well-wishes in them!  What a great idea!
I went with two books...couldn't decide!
Ashley and Nate enjoyed seeing all of the books (many of them they remembered from their childhood, too!) and finally caught on toward the end that the books had messages in them :)
I ordered them a custom-made monogrammed 12-month dress for their baby girl Kourtney.  The monogramming was done by a friend of mine from church, Whitney.  Check out her Etsy shop Bouffants for all of your monogramming needs!  She does a fantastic job (and she is a fantastic woman)!
From Bouffants...check it out!
After the shower, I met up with Joe to watch the end of the Georgia game.  Sadly, they lost on a freak play, and we came home to wallow in our sorrows over football relax and watch more football.

Sunday was dedicated to CLEANING!  Our house is pretty dirty, so we spent some time tidying up.  It felt so nice to get the house together.

I also got in my long run for the week--4 miles!  I felt super cute doing so while wearing my BAMR Band.
The rest of the day, I did some food prep, hung out with Joe, and watched more football.

Now, here we are on Monday!  The Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge began yesterday, so I've been making sure to get my activity points (run yesterday + upper body strength workout today), water intake points, and freggie (fruits + veggies) points.  So far, so good!

Question for you:  What is something fun you did this weekend?  Do you watch as much football as we do?


  1. Getting books for a baby shower is such a cute idea!! When my SIL had her baby, we got her The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein because it was one of our favorite books, but I love the idea of having everyone bring one. That would be so awesome to look back on throughout the years!! Also, I might totally steal that if I ever have a baby/plan someone else's baby shower!

    1. Oh, please use it! It's such a great idea, and I'm so glad her mom thought to do that I plan to do the same thing whenever I'm involved in planning a baby shower :)