Sunday, November 10, 2013

At The Park Workout

How's the weekend going, everyone?  I've had a pretty great one!  It all started out with the Living Proof Live, featuring worship with Travis Cottrell and the sharing of the Word of God with Beth Moore.
Yes, that is the woman who wrote the Bible study I am currently doing!  It was an amazing event, where I learned a lot from Beth, had incredibly moving worship experiences, socialized with many incredible women of God, and had lots of laughs (Beth is incredibly funny!!).
If you have a chance to go to a Living Proof Live event, I highly suggest you do.  Since then, I've been watching football (and celebrating the Hokies' big win!), going to church, running some errands, and hanging out with Joe.  Good times!

Another thing I did this weekend was complete a really fun workout.  It's a lovely fall day here (in Florida, that means no humidity and in the 70's), so I wanted to take advantage of the nice weather!

Inspired by Amanda's video Body Weight Exercises at the Park, I went to a local lake with a path around it.  I would run once around the path (half a mile), then complete 15 reps each of:

  • Push-ups on a bench (in Amanda's video)
  • Tricep dips with hip raise (in Amanda's video)
  • Squats (standing beside the bench)
  • Crunches (while laying on the bench)
I complete 3 sets of these exercises and 4 laps around the lake.  I had a great time doing this workout!  I got to see some fun wildlife...
had a great time in my total of 2 miles running...

and got to work some muscles I hadn't done so in a while!  If you have some good weather and a park you can get to, I highly recommend this strength + cardio workout combination!

30 Days of Thanks
Here's a quick catch-up on my 30 Days of Thanks!

Day 7: I'm thankful for my co-workers and for my job.  I love helping others, especially when it comes to helping teachers reach their students in new and different ways!
Day 8: I'm thankful for the opportunity (and the funds) to go to the Living Proof Live event.  I'm thankful for the Word I got during this conference and for the amazing women of God that were there.  Praise Him for this weekend!
Day 9: I'm thankful for the season of fall.  Between football, Thanksgiving, the beautiful colors, and all the fun flavors, fall is a great season.  I look forward to taking all of it in for the rest of the month!
Day 10: Sunday is my catch-up-with-mom-and-dad on the phone, so today I'm thankful for my mom, dad, and brother!  My mom and dad are so supportive and loving, and my brother and I have a great relationship that I appreciate.  They're pretty great!

Question for you: What's your favorite outdoor workout?  Did you do anything cool this weekend?

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