Saturday, November 2, 2013

30 Days of Piling on the Bootie Bustin

Good morning!  How's your Saturday going so far?  I've been having a lazy morning, and the rest of the day will be filled with football (and maybe an impromptu trip to Orlando...).

Today, I wanted to talk about all the things going on in blog land in the month of November that I'll be participating in, as well!

Pile on the Miles 2013

Are you in to running? Monica over at Run Eat Repeat is hosting a challenge to see who can run the most miles in the month of November!

The goal is to pile on the miles instead of the pounds in a month that is traditionally dedicated to eating a lot.  I joined in the fun last year and really enjoyed the challenge to log more miles during the month!

Head on over here to learn more and sign up for the challenge!

Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge 2013
Amanda at Run to the Finish is holding her sixth annual Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge!
I participated last year and thought this was a great way to motivate myself to focus on healthy living from mid-November to beginning of January!  You compete with people at the same fitness level as yourself to earn points for various forms of healthy living (eating 7-9 servings of fruits and veggies, different workouts, etc.)  Amanda gives away A LOT of prizes, and everyone who participates is so supportive!

It starts on November 17th, so go on and sign up here (and make sure to say that I referred you!)

30 Days of Thanks
I stumbled upon this post from Amanda at Diary of a Semi-Health Nut via Amanda from Adventure Year.
30 Days of Thanks Challenge on Diary of a Semi-Health Nut
Amanda is hosting a 30 Days of Thanks challenge to get us to be thankful for the good in our lives during the month of November.  How appropriate with Thanksgiving coming up!  I will be participating in the challenge, and here are my first two days of being thankful!

Day 1:
Yesterday, I was particularly thankful for this new coffee I picked up at the store.

I love Dunkin' Donuts' chocolate glazed donut, so I thought the coffee form would be pretty epic.  I was right!  I made a cup when I got home from work, which was the perfect way to unwind after the week.  Yum!

Day 2:
I woke up at 7:00 when it was still dark out and got angry with myself.  Why the heck would I be up so early on a Saturday??  Well, then I looked at the window.
#nofilter #noediting
It's not often I get to see the sun rise, and this one was just spectacular!  As pretty as the picture is, it doesn't do it justice.  And guess what? now its cloudy and rainy.
#nofilter #noediting
I'm thankful that I woke up in time to catch the beauty of this morning before the clouds came in.  God apparently wanted me to praise Him to start the day, and I'm certainly not complaining now.

Question for you: What is your focus for the month?  What are you thankful for this morning??

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