Monday, May 4, 2015

Weekend Recap + Training Log 5/4

Good morning, everyone, and Happy Star Wars Day!  May the Fourth be with you!  :)  Oh, I love nerdy jokes!

I hope you had a great rest of last week and weekend.  Sorry that I disappeared last week--I meant to do a WIAW post and a Friday Five post, but my schedule is now dictated by this little girl.
That, and when she was sleeping, I had a lot of unpacking and house organizing to still do.  Hopefully all of that is behind us and I can use part of her nap to talk to y'all!

Ok, let's take a look at this past weekend, shall we?  Here are some things we did!

-got some errands done in the morning
-went to the park and walked around the track for a while
-cooked spaghetti for dinner and watched movies
-FINALLY got to try The Tonight Dough ice cream!
I'm a big Tonight Show/Jimmy Fallon fan, so when they announced this ice cream, I looked all over for it.  They never had it in Daytona, but when I checked Ben and Jerry's flavor finder in this area, I was so excited when they had it!  I gotta say, it's a tasty flavor!  I will definitely get it again.

-very lazy morning of sleeping in (between feedings) and watching TV
-We bought a nice leather sectional!  I didn't take a picture of the one we ordered but I'm pretty sure this is it:
Image Source
We haven't had a couch since we moved, so it was really exciting to finally get one!  It'll be delivered on Wednesday, but it was a little exciting to make quite the grown-up purchase.
-Went to the dog park to let Tequila play.  She did so well!
-Cleaned the house and hung some photos.  We had company coming over so we had to get it together!
-Watched the Kentucky Derby.  What an exciting 2 minutes!
-Had one of Joe's co-workers and his wife over for more sports watching and the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight.  Baby Fish was quite the hungry girl, so I missed a bit of the hang-out time until she went to sleep.  I did get to watch the fight, which I thought was a little overhyped.  After talking with Joe, I think it's because I don't understand boxing.  Oh well, he enjoyed it!

-We drove to Joe's grandparent's house and went to church and lunch with them.
-On the way home, we stopped by Horse Creek Winery for a little wine tasting.  Baby's first visit to a winery!
-FaceTimed with my parents and aunt and uncle.  They love doing that now because of Baby Fish!  It's all about the grandchild/great niece now!
-Relaxed in the afternoon and evening and watched more movies.  We have all the premium movie channels for 3 months, so we've been recording movies we want to watch and enjoying them together.

I'd say that was a pretty good weekend!

Training Log 4/27-5/3
As I shared in my spring/summer training post two weeks ago, it's all about the walking right now!  Unfortunately, I haven't been walking every day like I've wanted to.  Hopefully, now that the house is together, I will be able to make sure I get out for a walk each day!
Tuesday-0.5 mile walk around the neighborhood
Wednesday-0.5 mile walk around the neighborhood
Friday-1.3 mile walk at the park

Question for you: Did you watch the boxing fight or the Kentucky Derby?  What was the last big purchase you made?


  1. Buying a couch was our first big adult purchase (other than our house!). Before that, we'd basically been living with all of our old college furniture, which had definitely seen better days. Something about buying a big piece of furniture definitely made me feel like an actual adult! haha. Sounds like a great weekend though - I'm so impressed by how active you all are with a newborn! I hope I'm the same way in a few weeks!

    1. Yup, we've been using stuff we got on Craigslist. None of it coordinated, but now I feel so adult! Our house will really come together! We bought a washer and dryer, too. It's sad how excited we are about it :) #grownupproblems

      Yeah, we've been carting her around so that we can still do things. She's such a good baby, and when she needs to eat I have some breast feeding scarves that work for out in public