Monday, June 22, 2015

Father's Day Weekend + Training Log 6/22

Joe worked half a day in Tifton, where his grandparents live, so Baby Fish and I went up there and visited in the morning.  We had a great time, then headed to lunch when Joe got off work.
After lunch, Joe and I actually had our first baby-less date!  His grandparents watched Baby Fish while we went to see Jurassic World in the theater.  We both enjoyed the movie (the end was pretty awesome!), and Baby Fish did great.  Good signs for when I have to go back to work in just over a month!

When we got home, we grabbed Tequila and went for a walk in the park.  It was warm, but it was fun getting outside for some fresh air and exercise.

Our evening was really low-key, just cooking dinner and watching Mrs. Doubtfire from the DVR.  Joe and I both had never seen that movie and were really impressed with Robin Williams's performance!  So afterward, we pulled up some of his stand-up on YouTube and wound up watching a bunch of that for the rest of the night.  Fun times!

We got to sleep in a little on Saturday morning (9 am...woo hoo!!) before we got ready and went to the pool!
One of Joe's co-workers invited us over for an afternoon of swimming and sun, which we took her up on immediately.  We had a great time hanging out, and Baby Fish didn't scream when we dipped her feet in the water!
She also enjoyed the baby bouncer they had there and hung out on the porch and napped for some of the time.
We were all pretty exhausted after a day in the sun!
(Note the double-chin status there!  Hah!)  We went back home for some grilled steaks for dinner and another movie.  Fun times!

Sunday was all about Joe--it was his first Father's Day!
We had another relaxed morning before getting ready and heading back to Tifton for church and lunch with Joe's grandparents.  Joe picked out a cute little outfit for Baby Fish
My father-in-law also came in to town, so it was great to get to visit with him.  Baby Fish loves him so much that she was talking to him all through the church service!  Too cute.
We left there mid-afternoon and went to the park when we got home.  Joe and Baby Fish got some good daddy-daughter time as he ran her around the track, while Tequila and I just walked (she overheats easily now).

Dinner was at Joe's favorite restaurant around here, which just happens to be a Mexican restaurant.  We all enjoyed the meal (Baby Fish got hungry, so she ate as well), then came home to open his present.  We got him some American flag swim trunks, as well as Jimmy Fallon's children's book "Your Baby's First Words Will Be Dada."  Joe read that book to Baby Fish before she went to bed :)  He and I watched another movie before an early bedtime.  What a fun weekend!

Training Log 6/22
I "fell off" a little bit on the run training this week, but I still managed to get in at least a little exercise almost every day this week.
Monday-Total Body Cardio Fix DVD
Tuesday-2 mile run
Wednesday-Upper Body Fix DVD
Thursday-Pilates Fix DVD
Friday-less than a mile walk at the park
Saturday-nothing (unless you count floating in the pool exercise!)
Sunday-1 mile walk at the park

With the Peachtree Roadrace less than 2 weeks away, I really need to focus on my running this week!  My plan is to run 4 miles this evening, at least 2 2-3 mile runs during the week, then do a 5 mile run on Sunday.  That way, I'll build up my mileage some before running 6.2 miles on July 4th!

Question for you: How did you celebrate Father's Day this week?


  1. Yay for your first baby-less date. Spending time alone with the hubby is super important.

    1. It was great! It's crazy how tough it was to want to leave the baby, though!

  2. Yay for your first baby-less date! I know that day will have to come soon for us too, but right now the idea of leaving Colton home with someone else is scary!

    1. It was a bit scary, but less so with it being family! Plus, Joe initiated it because he knew I wouldn't :)

  3. Your baby girl is adorable - I love the pink tutu!