Monday, June 15, 2015

Weekend Recap + Training Log 6/15

Hey hey!  Happy Monday!  I hope you had a great weekend and have a great start to the week.  We had a pretty lazy weekend around here, so let's just run through it, shall we?

Joe didn't have to work on Friday, so it was nice to have him around the house during the day.  We ran some errands together, and on the way, we drove through some neighborhoods looking for houses for sale!

In one of them, we saw a house for sale by the owner, and when we got out to get the flyer, the owner was outside and asked if we wanted to look around!  We took her up on the offer and wound up loving the house.  It's the first one we've looked at, but I told Joe yesterday that I keep picturing us living we'll see!

Joe wound up going to Gainesville for the night for his mom's birthday, so Baby Fish and I just hung around and watched some movies.  We also watched a recording of Fall Out Boy on the Today show that morning, and she seemed to really enjoy it!
She must remember going to see them live when she was about one month old in the womb!

Baby Fish and I had a lazy Saturday of hanging out in our PJs,
playing on the play mat (she's grabbing at things now!!! see her grabbing the ring here? #proudmama),
taking a walk with Tequila (who was exhausted after our mid-day walk!),
and reading some stories.
Joe got home in the evening, and after we put the little one to bed, we played on the Wii!  I've had a Wii for a long time, but I haven't set it up since before we moved to Florida.  Joe and I hooked it up this week and have played a few times.  Let me tell you, we've enjoyed Wii bowling and golf a lot!  I'm much better at both sports on the Wii than in real life, too ;)

We started off the day with a very fun bath time!  Usually Baby Fish screams the whole time, but she actually seemed to smile and enjoy it!
...and then she had a little accident all in her church outfit right before we left.  #newbornproblems  We went to church with Joe's grandparents, ate the usual buffet lunch, then came back home.  Joe watched the baby while I took a nap (glorious!!), then we went to the park for a little exercise.

I thought that would put this little girl to sleep, but she rebelled against her nap all day.  At least she was snuggly and relatively happy!

We hung around the rest of the day, watching TV and playing Wii.  I went for a run after dinner, too!

And, that was our weekend!  Pretty low-key but very relaxing and enjoyable :)

Training Log 6/15
I'm VERY happy to report this week's training, mainly because I actually did really well with working out!  As I mentioned, I'm doing the 21 Day Fix and started on Monday.  Each of the 21 Day Fix is 30 minutes long but definitely packs some great strength training with good cardio moves to give you a great workout!

Here's what my workouts looked like:
Monday-Total Body Cardio Fix DVD
Tuesday-Upper Fix DVD
Wednesday-Lower Fix DVD
Thursday-2 mile run
Friday-Cardio Fix DVD
Saturday-2 mile walk + Dirty 30 workout DVD
Sunday-1.3 mile walk + 3.07 mile run

I'm very pleased that I did some sort of workout each day of the week.  I also loved the sore muscles I had all week--I've missed that feeling!  I do wish I'd gotten one more run in, but that's a good goal to set for next week!

Question for you: What was something fun you did this weekend?  What was your favorite workout last week?

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