Wednesday, June 10, 2015

WIAW #54: 21 Day Fix

Good morning, everyone!  I can't believe it's Wednesday today--thanks to our long weekend, I'm a little off on my days.  It feels like a Tuesday to me!  

Well, since it's Wednesday, let's jump on in to my favorite blogging tradition...
Today's WIAW post is going to be a little different than others!  On Monday, I started the 21 Day Fix as a part of my Beachbody coach's June Challenge.  The challenge is basically sticking with fitness and healthy eating (with the addition of Shakeology) with the added accountability of other like-minded people.  We have a Facebook group where my coach and other coaches on Team Inspire Joy post daily motivation, ideas, and check-ins.  So far, I'm really enjoying the group!

I chose to complete the 21 Day Fix, which is a fitness program and nutrition plan.  You're given colored containers, with each color representing a different food group (red=protein, yellow=carbs, green=veggies, purple=fruit, blue=dairy, orange=healthy fats).  Throughout the day, you can have a certain number of each color based on the calorie intake you're shooting for.  For today's post, I'll show you what I ate on Tuesday and how it corresponded to the 21 Day Fix plan!

Thank you to Jenn for the link-up!

I started the day with a bowl of oatmeal topped with chopped strawberries and teaspoon of peanut butter mixed in.  I was surprised at how many strawberries I was able to fit in the purple container when prepping this meal! (1 yellow, 1 purple, 1 tsp)

Morning Snack
I had some weird timing with my meals on Tuesday thanks to Baby Fish's pediatrician appointment, so we'll still call this the morning snack!  I had my Shakeology after my workout and blended it with coffee, vanilla extract, and ice.  Pretty tasty!  I also had some baby carrots and almonds.  (1 red, 1 green, 1 orange)

Afternoon Snack #1
While waiting (forever) to see the pediatrician, I ate apple slices.  I didn't take a picture, but here's what Baby Fish looked like while I was snacking:
I had to share because she was just being so cute!  She was happy while we waited, even though last time she was fussy after I had to take off her clothes!  Everything was great this time until she got two shots :-( (1 purple)

I saved my lunch for after the doctor's appointment, but I didn't realize just how late that would be!  I ate this salad topped with orange peppers, cucumbers, and tuna around 3:45.  Late lunch, but it was good nonetheless! (1 red, 2 green)

Afternoon Snack #2
I ate a teaspoon on peanut butter around 5:30.  Dinner wouldn't be until 7 or after, and my stomach was kind of rumbling a bit!  Just the right size :) (1 tsp)

I tried a new-to-me recipe for dinner: Chicken Parmesan Zucchini!  I made zucchini boats topped with chicken, tomato sauce, and mozzarella.  I ate two of these for dinner.  This was a new-to-me recipe (from my Beachbody coach Katie!), and they were great!  Joe was even pleasantly surprised with how much he enjoyed them.  Definitely going to make these again. (1 red, 1 green, 1 blue, 1 tsp)

Evening Snack
After logging my dinner, I realized that I was short on certain containers.  This dictated my evening snack, which was a Key Lime Chobani with some rolled oats mixed in.  I only used half of the yellow container of oats, but I counted it as a full yellow.  This was a surprisingly filling and satisfying snack! (1 red, 1 yellow, 1 purple)

I completed the Upper Fix workout from the 21 Day Fix DVD.  I had to use a resistance band for it, which worked but wasn't ideal.  I think I'll get some hand weights when I head to Wal-Mart today!

Keeping Track of the Foods
One of the other Beachbody coaches in the Team Inspire Joy group mentioned using the Emoji hearts on your phone to keep track of your containers.  I made a note on my phone and did just that!  I also kept a running tally of how many containers of each category.

When I started this, I thought that I would not feel full or be satisfied by limiting certain food groups.  However, I was really surprised that I DID feel full AND satisfied throughout the day!  And I didn't even eat all of the containers I was allowed during the day.  Pretty crazy!

This short amount of time on this eating plan has shown me that it's not how much you eat but what you are eating that makes a difference.  I'm hoping that this eating plan will translate into better eating habits after this program is over!

Question for you: What do you use to track your food?


  1. I love all the fruits and veggies you managed to incorporate into your day.

    Happy WIAW. Thanks for linking up.

    1. Thanks! It took some planning, but it's always worth it!

  2. Ooh the chobani looks super delicioso... :)

    1. It was quite tasty! A great little "dessert"