Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Eric's Wedding Weekend

Was it hard for anyone else to get back to reality this morning?  I snoozed my alarm this morning (something I NEVER do)!  Must be because I had a 4-day weekend, since I was up in Richmond on Friday.

Eric (my brother) and Sara got married on Saturday, and I had a great time celebrating with my family throughout the weekend.  Instead of posting a full recap, though, I'll just do some pictures from the weekend's events.  It was a lot of fun celebrating their marriage, as well as seeing lots of family and old friends.
Short Run on Friday before the festivities
Bridesmaid's Luncheon--me, Laura, Sara, Ashley, and Elizabeth
Bridesmaids' Luncheon--the moms and Sara
Rehearsal Dinner--Eric with his VT cake
Eric's groosmen with their gifts--priceless excitement!!
Wedding Day Hair
Playing around before the ceremony
My Family
On the way to the reception--bridal party limo selfie!
With the bride and groom
Bridal party elevator selfie!
Eric and me before the reception
View of Downtown Richmond from the reception
First dance--so coordinated!
The Clarks and their spouses!
Dad giving his Best Man speech (check out the sunset behind them!)
Elizabeth and me--finally sisters!
With Forrest, my youth director (he gave a great homily at the wedding)
My parents and aunt breaking it down!
Newlyweds off to their honeymoon!
Sunday was spent traveling, and Monday was a beach day with some errands and grilling thrown in.  We got to enjoy our back porch with some lovely weather and tasty kabobs!
I also watched the Bachelorette before getting to bed relatively early to be ready for work today.

Hope y'all had a great Memorial Day weekend, too!

Question for you: What was your favorite thing about this Memorial Day weekend?

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