Monday, May 12, 2014

Socializing Weekend + Weekly Workouts

Oh goodness, I am getting this post up WAY later than expected!  I got distracted on Sunday night while preparing the post, but hey, better late than never!

Anyway, today was the first day of Florida Algebra 1 End of Course Exams in the county I work in, so I've been sending positive vibes to all the students taking that test this week!  I know the teachers I work with have put forth so much effort to prepare their students, and I really hope the kids do their best and remember all the things they've learned this year in Algebra 1.  Helpful hint: this ISN'T going to be one of the answers:
Image Source
Oh, I love a good math joke :)

I decided to semi-unplug this weekend (looked at some internet/social media, but not much).  I got to spend a lot of time socializing with others as a result, and it was really fun!

After teaching an EOC review session after school, I headed home to relax some before Joe was done with clinic.  We met some of his classmates at our favorite Mexican restaurant for dinner, as usual.  Definitely needed a margarita since I didn't have one on Cinco de Mayo!

We then headed to one of his classmate's houses for some social time and Power Hour (1 shot of beer every minute for an hour).  I didn't fully participate, but we played a 90's/early 2000's pop/hip hop power hour.  It was so much fun listening to the different songs, talking to people about memories from their childhood the songs brought up, and just hanging out with good friends.

I began my Saturday earlier than originally planned with some coffee and reading.  Tequila decided to snuggle with me, too, so that made it even better!  The next item on my agenda was BodyPump!  I got to the class early to ensure I had a bar (you have to be like 20 mins early to get one at my gym), and I had plenty of time to set myself up.
The instructor was one that was new to me (they rotate on Saturday mornings), and she was FANTASTIC.  Best instructor I've had down here.  I got in a great workout and felt fantastic as I was leaving the gym.  My muscles were shaking, so I decided to have some Vega Recovery Accelerator to maximize the workout benefits.
When I got home, Joe was ready to eat lunch!  We watched Dexter while eating, then got ready for some beach time.

After soaking up some sun, we got ready then headed out to the Cubs baseball game.  They were celebrating Mother's Day with some interesting pink and blue camo jerseys, and we all got a kick out of those.
A bunch of Joe's classmates showed up, and we all had a good time watching some baseball and hanging out.  We even got to see some fireworks after the game!
When we got home, Joe watched the Miami Heat game he DVR'ed while I fell asleep on the couch.  Oops!

I started the day the same way as Saturday: coffee and reading.
Side note: good book so far!  Light read, perfect for the summer!

I also surprised Joe with breakfast in bed!  I picked up some Taco Bell breakfast, and we ate our waffle tacos in bed when I got home.  Spoiler Alert: they're just all right.  I think I'll stick to McDonald's biscuits if I want fast food breakfast.  BUT the Cinnabon bites (or whatever they call them) are DELICIOUS!

It was then time for church.  I love the sermon series we have going on right now, Spring Cleaning.  This week we talked about cleaning the gutters of our lives--the world's expectations that keep us from letting justice and righteous flow through our lives (Amos 5:24).  We've previously talked about cleaning the clutter (things to do, busy-ness) and the cobwebs (guilt, fears, and past hurts), and I can't wait to hear the rest of the sermons!

After that, I grabbed lunch at Panera (strawberry poppyseed and chicken salad is back!!) before heading over to babysit for the afternoon.  Joe's classmate wanted to take his wife out for Mother's Day, so I got to play with their three kids for the afternoon.  I've watched them before, and once again, I had a great time.

When I got home, it was time for dinner, chores, and relaxing before the work week began.  All in all, great weekend with lots of productivity AND fun!

This week wasn't a good one as far as workouts went.  Teaching review sessions every day after school kind of threw my workouts off.  I did workout Tuesday (15 minute treadmill incline walk + CXWORX class) and I got to BodyPump on Saturday.  The goal this week is to get back to my workout routine!

Question for you: How did you socialize with people this weekend?


  1. I had plans with 4 different groups of people and 3 of them had to cancel for various reasons- bummer! I had a bit more of a quiet weekend, but still had dinner with a friend and a movie night with my brother.

  2. Looks like a great weekend! I always love weekends where I actually get the chance to hang out with people, because I feel like I'm always so go-go-go during the work week! Also, this new BodyPump release is CRAZY!!! My gym is the same way, but with weights. You need to get there at least 15 minutes early otherwise you risk having to do the whole class with 10lb and 2.5lbs-ers. Which let me tell you, makes the bicep and tricep track either really easy, or really terrible! haha.