Wednesday, May 28, 2014

WIAW #34: Bottomless Pit Day

Good morning!  Anyone else loving that this is a four-day work week?  With the school year winding down, I'm finding myself very busy wrapping things up at both of my schools, along with some additional projects I signed up to work on!  I'm just counting down the days until June 6th (last day of school AND my birthday!).  At least I get to come home to this adorable little thing who knows exactly want to do to make me smile.
Puppy Burrito!
Oh, I just love her!  Well, it's Wednesday, so it's time once again for the blogland tradition...
Do y'all ever have days when you feel like a bottomless pit?  Like, no matter how much you eat, you just aren't full?  That was me yesterday.  Let's take a look at Tuesday's food, and you just let me know if you can figure out why I was a bottomless pit!

Thank you to Jenn for hosting the link-up!  Head over to her blog Peas and Crayons to learn more about WIAW and check out the other participants :)

I had a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios for breakfast.  I forgot to take a picture, but that certainly wasn't my most interesting meal of the day.

Morning Snack #1
I had my usual morning snack: a cup of Chobani.  Tuesday's flavor was pineapple--one of my favorites!

Morning Snack #2
I was still pretty hungry before lunch (and it's later at the school I was at), so I had a handful of this Tart & Tangy Fruit Medley from NatureBox!  This stuff is really good (just dried apples and cranberries) and filled me up until lunchtime.

We grilled Chicken and Veggie Kabobs on Memorial Day and had plenty left over!  So, for Tuesday's lunch, I topped a couple handfuls of lettuce with two of the kabobs.  The chicken and veggies tasted great as my salad toppings, and I look forward to having this again for lunch today!  I also had an orange and some baby carrots as side dishes.

Afternoon Snack #1
It was about this time in the day that I realized I was having a bottomless pit day.  I was hungry again about an hour after lunch!  So, I ate this Nut Delight KIND bar as a snack before leaving work.

Afternoon Snack #2
I was STILL HUNGRY about an hour after my first afternoon snack, so I stopped by Dunkin' Donuts for a coffee cake muffin and some iced coffee.  Luckily, after this snack, I was able to wait until dinner to eat again.

We had a pretty early dinner (Joe had to meet up with a friend, and I was hungry already).  We had salmon pinwheels (stuffed with spinach and feta) with some steamed carrots on the side.  I love getting these salmon pinwheels from Winn-Dixie!  They are so tasty and satisfying.

I mixed in some Upper Body Supersets from Peanut Butter Fingers with some running.  There's a loop near my house that looks like an 8, so I ran around the larger part of the block (about 0.5 miles) first, completed the first two supersets, ran around the complete block (about 0.7 miles), completed the second two supersets, then ran around the larger part of the block again.  Tequila wen with me on the runs, and it was a nice little workout!
Workout Image Source
Plus, I'm sticking to my ZOOMA Chicago training plan (modifying it a little) AND I'm 2/2 on the #RWRunStreak (run at least a mile each day from Memorial Day through July 4th).

Post-Workout Drink/Snack

I had some Vega Sport Recovery Accelerator after my workout to fight the shaky-muscle feeling and prevent super soreness today.  I'll have a full review of the product up very soon--stay tuned!

I also had some Veggie Straws and some Ritz crackers to satiate my hunger after working out.  I actually went to bed full and happy--good end to my bottomless pit day!

Question for you: Any idea why I was such a bottomless pit yesterday?  Do you have bottomless pit days?

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  1. I feel like "bottomless pit day" is every day in my life! ;-)

    Love those KIND bars!