Sunday, September 29, 2013

Georgia Weekend

Hey, everyone!  Joe and I just got back from a very fun (yet exhausting) long weekend.  I took a day off on Friday, and we headed up to Georgia to see some friends and some sports!

Our journey started Thursday when we drove up to Joe's grandparents' house in south Georgia.  We got dinner at Cracker Barrel, caught up, and watched the Virginia Tech football game (so glad the Hokies won!).  We had an easy-going morning, went to lunch at a delicious local restaurant, then made our way on to Atlanta.

We caught the Braves vs. Phillies baseball game in Atlanta on Friday evening.
We met up with some of Joe's friends Jake, Andrew, and Jacqui from his time at UGA and had a great time.  It was a quick game due to the pitcher's duel, but the Braves wound up winning 1-0 off a homerun!

After the game, we headed to Waffle House for some late-night eats, then we went to Andrew and Jacqui's house to spend the night.

Saturday was dedicated to some University of Georgia football!  We woke up rather early and drove the 1.5-2 hours to Athens.  We caught ESPN Gameday JUST IN TIME for the gang's picks!
The tailgating scene in Athens is pretty great, as you can set up tailgates all over the grassy areas of campus.  I'm not used to that, and I love that aspect of UGA football!

We met up with a few other friends and enjoyed catching up with everyone in the perfect weather.  When it was time for the game, we looked for tickets but couldn't find anything under $175 per ticket.  
We went downtown to watch the game on the big screen.  We went to one of our favorite spots in Athens and cheered the Bulldogs to a victory!
After celebrating the win for a little bit, we went to one of our favorite fast-food places Choo Choo before heading back to Atlanta for the evening.  Great day!

Today, we left early enough to go to church with Joe's grandparents.  The service included a great message about having no regrets in life by helping others and remaining true to yourself and your beliefs.  We ate lunch at a delicious catered buffet, then made our way back home.

As you can see, we had a wonderful weekend with friends, family, and our favorite sports teams.  Now It's time for laundry and catching up on sleep!

Well, once more, I had a rough week of Best Body Bootcamp.  It really was all about me not making my workouts and healthy choices a priority.

I think the main reason was that Joe was out of town for most of the week (he was on a school break), so I knew no one would know if I wasn't working out, wasn't eating well, and was just being lazy.  That shouldn't be an excuse, but that's my mindset sometimes.  Here's what my week of workouts looked like:
Monday: Workout A + 2 mile run in the rain
Tuesday: Rest day
Wednesday: I did A LOT of walking around campus at school (way more than my usual day), so I'm counting that as a workout
Thursday: Another day of EXTREME walking around campus.
Friday: rest/travel day
Saturday: Lots of hilly walking around Athens throughout the day (seriously, if you've never been there, SO many hills)
Sunday: rest/travel day

As far as goals go, I did a lot better with filling my water cup.  I filled it twice 3 days this week, but also did well with drinking water today and Friday.  Also, I kept my alcohol consumption goal and met that almost every day this week (even in the midst of the tailgates!).

Wow, long post, but my BBB recap wasn't good enough for its own post.

Question for you: What sports did you watch this weekend?

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