Sunday, September 15, 2013

Happy Birthday Joe + BBB7 Week 1 Recap

Today is a very special day in our household.  It's Joe's birthday!
Last night, we went to Outback (his favorite restaurant) for his birthday dinner.  The celebrations continue this evening when we go to Winghouse to watch the WWE pay-per-view.  I'm also baking these yummy treats for him this afternoon.
Happy birthday, Joe!

Guess what y'all?  Another round of Best Body Bootcamp has begun!
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For those of you who don't know, Best Body Bootcamp is a fitness program run by the wonderful Tina Reale.  It features 4 rounds of different exercises that last 2 weeks each (8 weeks total).  Each round has a theme, and the goal is complete 5 days of activity.

I am once again participating, and each week, I will recap how the week went for me.

Monday-2 rounds of Workout A (lower body circuit).  I wanted to complete 3 rounds, but I started feeling some knee pain.  I cut the workout short, but that did not mean that I wasn't feeling sore the next two days!
Tuesday-30 minute farlek run
Wednesday-unplanned rest day-I didn't leave work as early as I expected, so I didn't get to fit in my workout before Bible study.
Thursday-planned rest day-Open House at school meant being at school from 6:45am-8:45pm. Long day!
Friday-rest day
Saturday-unplanned rest day-I didn't get my workout in in the morning, and I let football prevent me from completing Workout B (upper body circuit) during the rest of the day.
Sunday-I have a 6 mile run on the schedule, which I will get done before we head to Winghouse tonight.

In addition to activity, you set two health-related goals to keep.  You can change them with every round, or keep the same goals for the whole time.

My first goal was to fill up my 24-ounce water bottle twice during the school day (once in the morning, once mid-day).  On the weekends, I wanted to drink 72 oz.+ of water.  I did well with this goal Monday, Tuesday, and Friday.  I only filled it once on Wednesday, and not at all on Thursday!  I definitely dehydrated myself and still trying to recover from that!

My second goal was to reduce my alcohol intake to nothing Sunday-Thursday and only two drinks Friday and Saturday.  For the first few weeks of school, I was drinking at least a glass of wine almost every evening.  I could tell that I was dehydrating myself, and my stomach also started getting a little bigger.  I did great with this goal.  I didn't have any alcohol Monday through Thursday and Saturday.  I had three margaritas instead of two on Friday, but I'd say I did well overall with this goal this week!

Question for you: What workout program are you doing right now?  If you aren't following one, where do you get your strength workouts from?

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