Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A Fun Football Weekend

Hey guys!  Even though it's Tuesday and the weekend is long gone, I wanted to do a little weekend update.  Joe and I had a fun one, so I wanted to share the pictures!

Before I do that, I wanted to let you know that registration for the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge from Amanda at Run to the Finish opens TODAY!
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Those of you who have followed my blog for a while know that I participated last year and LOVED IT!  You earn points for eating right and working out while competing with others of your same fitness level.  There are lots of prizes to be earned, so it is GREAT motivation to focus on your fitness and health during the holidays.  I highly recommend you sign up!  (Shameless plug: if you do, make sure to say that I referred you!  You can reference my blog or just put Amy H.)

Now, on to the weekend!

Friday night started by finally taking a wedding present out!
My sewing machine!  I had a project to work on Friday, so I went ahead and got it set up Friday night.  We then had a little visitor from a furry friend.
This adorable stray hangs out in our neighborhood.  Kitty cat (as we call her) loves us now because we feed her tuna every now and then.
She's a cutie!

The main event for the evening was walking around Main Street for Biketoberfest.  Each year in October, there's a mini-Bike Week here for a weekend.  It's great people watching, so we went down to check out the scene.
Joe likes to dress the part during the bike festivals, and I'd say he fit right in!

Me, not so much.  We had a good time walking around, seeing our landlord who runs a beer tub at one of the bars, and just taking everything in!

On Saturday, we watched a lot of college football.  Just the way we like it :)  I also worked on my projects for the day.  First, I needed to decorate for Halloween!
I bought these decorations on sale at the end of last Halloween, so I had to put them up this year.  I love how festive our house looks now.  Next, it was time to break out the sewing machine.
Joe had a Jacksonville Jaguars jersey that said M. Jones on the back, so I changed that in to say Joe.

This was the first time using the sewing machine by myself, and I'd say I finally got the hang of it!  Loading the bobbin was one of my favorite things.
Joe needed the jersey for Sunday because we went up to Jacksonville for a football game!

We had a great tailgate, and even though the Jaguars are terrible, we had fun at the game as well.
Notice how few fans were around during the 2nd half!  Fun fact: The Jags have yet to score a touchdown at home THIS SEASON.  They're bad.
Another fun fact: You have to take a clear bag in to NFL games (unless it is a very small clutch).  Didn't know that, so I had to leave my purse at the gate and hope it didn't get stolen.  Hope you don't run in to that same problem!
After we got home, I wound up sleeping on the couch for a little bit before heading to bed early.  I feel like this weekend was really busy, but it was productive and fun at the same time!

Question for you:  What did you do this weekend?  Any projects you've completed lately?

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