Wednesday, October 16, 2013

WIAW #18: Insanity Diet

Happy Wednesday, y'all!  I hate that I forgot to post this post on Sunday!  I added the photos but never went back in to edit them.  Oh well!

Anyway, I've been staying late at work the past few days, which makes me want to come home and do nothing.  Therefore, no blogging has taken place.  Sorry about that!  I do have a pretty interesting What I Ate Wednesday post for you today, though.  This week, Joe and I started eating the Insanity diet!  Check it out!
Thanks to Jenn for hosting the link-up!  This month's focus is Halloween-themed snacks, but sadly I don't have any this week.  Check out some of the other WIAW participants if you need an idea for a festive treat!

So, the Insanity diet.  Joe is doing the workouts and decided he wanted to follow the meal plan, too.  Guess what that means?  I chose to do so, as well!  Makes cooking a lot easier :)

The basics of the diet are: 5 meals a day, each of approximately equal calorie count.  You do a calculation based on age, height, weight, activity level, and your weight goals.  After doing mine, I learned that I'm supposed to eat 5 400-calorie meals throughout the day!  That seemed a little crazy to me.  Here's a look at what we've been eating this week:

Meal #1
This is the Protein Cereal Bowl option.  We chose Kashi Go Lean! Vanilla Clusters cereal with a few chopped walnuts and half a sliced banana on top.  This isn't the exact prescribed meal, but it works for us!

Meal #2
This calls for a nutrition bar.  There are options to make it more calories if you need it, so I added an apple to my meal.  These Luna Protein bars are DELICIOUS.  Joe has a chocolate chip protein bar, and we both agree that this meal is more like dessert!

Meal #3

A roast beef pita pocket with spinach and tomato inside.  I also had a side salad of spinach, tomato, and onion.  I had other veggies to add to the salad, but I haven't chopped them up yet!  I've really enjoyed the pita pocket.  The roast beef I bought is great!

Meal #4
No picture of this, but the meal was peanut butter toast with raspberry preserves.  Essentially, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  This is actually a great afternoon meal, as it is satisfying AND has a little bit of sweetness to it.  Yum!

Meal #5

Salmon with honey mustard on top, some whole-wheat pasta, and steamed green beans.  I think there's better toppings for the salmon.  I think next time I'll just top it with some lemon juice.

Overall, the diet has some great options for each meal.  We are going to try some of the other options later in the week, and I'm looking forward to some of the other meals!

Question for you: Have you ever done a diet that goes along with a workout program?


  1. Are you also doing insanity or just the diet?

    1. I'm not, but my husband is. I'm still running and doing some strength training along with it, but I'm intimidated by the workouts :)