Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sick Days

On Wednesday, I came home from work not feeling so well.  I had some stomach issues develop during the day, so I planned on eating a plain dinner and sleeping it off.

Well, my body had another idea.  I woke up on Thursday feeling worse, so I called in sick and rested all day.  I thought I'd heal throughout the day, but things really didn't improve.  I was getting anxious because we were supposed to go to Virginia this weekend.  I was hoping I'd heal by Friday morning.

I woke up feeling worse than the last two days, so I went to the doctor.  They basically couldn't tell me anything other than my intestines were irritated and it was probably a virus.  I made the tough decision to cancel our trip to Virginia because I just couldn't make it.  I also didn't want to get anyone else sick, including my grandparents.  My mom was also not feeling well, so my decision to stay home helped her stay home and heal, as well.

I started feeling a little better on Saturday, and today I finally feel more like myself!  While I am so, so sad that Joe and I missed seeing my family, friends, and the Virginia Tech football game, I think I really needed to stay home and rest.

Now, I'm really looking forward to eating things other than bread, rice, noodles, and saltine crackers!  I'm going to gradually get back in to a regular diet, though, so I don't mess my intestines up again.  I'm also going to do some low-intensity exercises this week to get myself back in the groove.  I've been itching to run all weekend, but again, I don't want to push my body too far when I'm still recovering.

Question for you: How do you recover from a few sick days?

I'm hoping for a more regular blogging schedule this week, too!  Sorry to abandon y'all once again, but I really don't sit up for a few days!

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