Friday, April 25, 2014

Goals for Lake Minneola Half Marathon

It's Friday afternoon, which means the weekend has started!  Joe and I have a good one planned, and I hope y'all do, too.

This weekend, I'm going to be running Half Marathon #6, the Lake Minneola Half Marathon.
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I'm excited to run a local race, and it should be a really pretty course!  I'm preparing myself tonight for the run with my usual Mexican food...and a lot of water.

I've mentioned that I am going in to this race undertrained.  I considered not even running this race, but after missing a 10K earlier this month, I'm still going to participate.  However, I don't want to injure myself in running this race.  With that in mind, here are my goals for this race.

"A" Goal-Run the first mile, complete miles 2-12 with a 3-minute run/1-minute walk ratio, then run the last mile.
Running the first mile will help the field thin out a little before starting my run/walk intervals.  I know I need to do this to keep from injuring myself.  If I feel really really good during the race, I may reduce that later on in the race.  I do want to finish running the last 1.1 miles of the race, and I think that will be manageable for me.

If that doesn't work out...

"B" Goal-Finish the race faster than my slowest half marathon.
The Lighthouse Loop Half Marathon was a tough race for me, and I finished in just over 3 hours.  I want to finish this race beating the time for that race.

If that doesn't work out...

"C" Goal-Finish the race (preferably injure-free).
Even if I have to walk the whole thing, I just want to finish this race.  Missing the 10K threw me off on my training, so just finishing this race will make me happy.

I should be able to meet my A goal, but the others are in place that I will still feel accomplished after the race.

Well, it's time for bed!  I'll have a recap of the race on Sunday, but I'll post something on Twitter and Instagram about the race before then.  Have a great weekend!

Question for you: Are you racing this weekend?  If not, what do you have planned?

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