Monday, April 28, 2014

Jam-packed Weekend + SBBC Week 6 Recap

Good morning, and Happy Monday!  My day is off to a great start already, despite the fact that Internet was down at school this morning.  You never realize how dependent you are on the internet until it's not working...especially during End of Course computerized testing!  It's back on now, though.  Thank goodness!

Let's take a look back at the weekend.  It was jam-packed with lots of fun!!

After work, I went home to get some things done before Joe got home from clinic.  We headed out for Mexican food with some of his classmates.  It was a good time, as usual!  I had an early alarm for Saturday morning, so when we got back, we watched an episode of Dexter and I went to bed.

Saturday began with a 4:35 alarm clock.  Not exactly what I like to hear on a Saturday morning, but I had to drive to Clermont for the Lake Minneola Half Marathon!  I'll have a full recap up tomorrow (meant to post it yesterday, but time slipped away from me), but let's just say the race went way better than I expected!
Once I got home (after sitting in traffic for a while), I got some chores done and took a nap.  Then, Joe and I headed down to the New Smyrna Beach with our friend Lara for the Wine Walk.  We haven't been since September when Joe and Kristie were here, so we had a great time at one of our favorite events down here.
We followed up the Wine Walk with dinner at That's Amore.  Definitely a favorite restaurant of mine down here--such good food!  I'm looking forward to eating my leftovers for lunch today :)  I was exhausted once we got home from running 13.1 miles then drinking lots of wine, so I turned in around 10.

For some reason, I couldn't sleep past 7 am, so I got up and got some reading done.  I'm so, so close to finishing Inferno (thank goodness!)!  Once Joe got up, we went over to the hospital to see Jesus and Marielle's baby!  We went to their baby shower a few weeks ago, and we were excited to meet baby Amanda!
The now-parents at their baby shower
Afterwards, we went to church then grabbed Subway for lunch.  The afternoon was spent scrubbing the floors!  Since getting Tequila, our white tile floors won't stay clean for more than a day.  They're sparkly for now, but I'm sure that will change after she runs around outside today.

Sunday's excitement was heading to a Daytona Cubs game!  You know we love going to the games, so it was a great way to enjoy the beautiful day and watch some baseball.  Plus, they had Baseball Bingo, which I have so much fun with.  Basically, when a certain player does something when batting, it corresponds to a Bingo number.  You mark your cards when it happens, and if you get Bingo, you win a prize!
Sadly, I didn't win :(   BUT the Cubs wound up winning the game in extra innings, so we were all happy!
We watched another episode of Dexter when we got home, then I went to bed after reading a little.  What a fun, fun weekend!!

I'm proud of myself for getting in workouts 5 days this week!  Woo hoo!  Added bonus-that means a lot of points for me in the Spring Bootie Buster Challenge!  Double woo hoo!  Check out what I did this week as I link up with Amanda, Krysten, and Ericka to show how I put my #bestfoot forward!
Monday-BodyPUMP class in the evening (1 hour=6 points)
Tuesday-Bikram Yoga class (90 minutes=9 points)
Wednesday-3 mile treadmill run (+warm up and cool down) + 10-minute Core Workout from Youtube (50 minutes=5 points)
Thursday-Bikram Yoga class.  I was disappointed in this class, though, because the instructor put on a recording of Bikram leading a class.  It was weird to not have a live teacher, especially when the recording corrected people that weren't even there.  I wrote to the studio, and they've since assured me that that won't happen again.  Thank goodness! (90 minutes=9 points)
Friday-rest day
Saturday-Lake Minneola Half Marathon!  (174 minutes=17 points)
Sunday-rest day

Water Points=6/7 days
Freggie Points=4/7 days
Bonus Points=1 for doing a core workout on Wednesday
Total Points for the Week=57 (challenge best for me!)
Total Points for the Challenge=224

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  1. Congrats on a good race- I can't wait to read the recap! I really like Dexter but haven't watched the final season yet. What season/episode are you on?