Sunday, June 30, 2013

NSB Wine Walk

Yesterday, Joe and I spent a wonderful afternoon in New Smyrna Beach!  We'd eaten dinner there once but haven't really explored the area.  Yesterday gave us a perfect opportunity to do just that.

We participated in their monthly Wine Walk.  You start at either end of Flagler Ave (their "main strip"), purchase your glass and tasting tickets, then visit the businesses that are Wine Walk Stops for wine tasting.

You have 20 tickets at your disposal.  Some wines are just one ticket, other more expensive wines require more tickets to sample.  I'm usually a big red wine drinker, but I tried to switch it up some (mainly to avoid red wine teeth!).
My wine passport got damaged in the rain before I got a picture!

Some highlights:
-Starting out with my favorite wine: Chianti Riserva

-The adorable patio and the Italian wine at That's Amore

-Frozen Red Wine (basically a slushie--DELICIOUS) and walking around the adorable Gyfts shop

-Tasty White Mango Sangria, the patio, and the steel drum band at Toni and Joe's

As our very enjoyable afternoon came to a close, we walked through a thunderstorm to get to our car.  Thankfully, Joe was carrying around an umbrella the whole day, so we stayed somewhat dry.  The rain certainly didn't damper our spirits, though, as we will probably attend another Wine Walk in the future!

If you're in or around New Smyrna Beach on the last Saturday of each month, I highly recommend the Wine Walk!  Check out more information on the calendar of events on NSB's Visitor's Bureau website.

Question for you:  If you like wine, what's your favorite kind of wine?  If you don't like wine, 


  1. I don't like wine, but that looks so cool! Do you get carded EVERY time? :)

    1. No, when you buy the tickets they give you a wristband. Thank goodness because I often get asked if I'm in high school! :)