Sunday, June 9, 2013

Studying vs. Reading

How was everyone's weekend?  I had a really good time this weekend as Joe's sister, Katherine, came to visit!  We had a great time hanging out with her, went to a Daytona Cubs game, saw The Internship, and I took both Joe and Katherine to eat at Red Robin for the first time, and laying on the beach!  Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures except for this one of the sunset at the Cubs game:
No filter on this photo!
I hope you had a great weekend, too!

Anyone joining me for a little virtual Bible study this summer?  If so, make sure you let me know!  It starts on Tuesday, so hopefull you've gotten your book ordered if you're planning on participating.

I'm so excited to start this study after having a realization about how I study the Bible the other day.  A lot of times, I read the Scripture and reflect on it as best I can.  Sometimes I journal, sometimes I underline verses I found meaningful.  If I don't understand a verse, though, I often feel like there was nothing "in it for me."

Beth Moore, the woman leading the virtual Bible study, tweeted this the other day, I felt like she was talking to me!

This summer, I'm really going to take these words to heart and interact with God as I read His Word.  I pray that it will give me a deeper understanding of what I read and help me to see that there is something for me in each verse of the Bible.

Question for you: Are you participating in the virtual Bible study this summer (or another study at your church)?  Do Beth's words strike a chord with you, too?

Hope your week starts off well!  See you tomorrow evening:)


  1. The virtual bible study sounds great! I don't have the book, but I'll definitely be checking in!

    1. Sounds good! You can still watch the videos she'll post every other Tuesday. Even without doing the study, I'm sure you can still get something out of it! Beth Moore is such an incredible woman of God.