Wednesday, June 12, 2013

WIAW #8: Red and Green food

Hey there!  It's once again time for What I Ate Wednesday!  Today, I'm sharing my food from Tuesday.

But, before I do--the next round of Best Body Bootcamp starts next Monday!  You can still sign up by clicking that link, OR follow this link for a chance to win an entry on Tina's blog today.  You know that I can't say enough good things about this program, but Tina's also posted some great answers to excuses for not signing up.  Check it out!

Ok, now it's time for WIAW.  Thank you to Jenn for coming up with this great blogging event, and for always hosting the link up!
It seems that many of my eats were red and green, so that's my theme for the day.

I had a bowl of this cereal in a green box.  This cereal is ok...but I wasn't a fan of the apple chips in the milk.  Too soggy for me!

Morning Snack
A red delicious apple and some grape tomatoes! Yum!  I'm so glad I picked up those grape tomatoes at the store this week.  They've been a quick, easy, and tasty snack for me to take to my week-long workshop.

Some more red and green appeared at lunch!  I had a salad, consisting of spinach, cucumbers, green peppers, tomatoes, and avocado.  I also had an orange and some carrots along with it.  Healthy and delicious!

Afternoon Snack #1
At the workshop I was at yesterday, someone brought these yummy cookies' I had some as a snack (ok 4) while drafting lesson plans.

Afternoon Snack #2
I was very hungry when I got home, so I popped a 100-calorie popcorn pack.  I was too hungry and finished up the bag before remembering to take a picture of it!

Last night's dinner was one of my favorites!  Broiled salmon with rosemary with some steamed broccoli and corn.  Joe LOVES this meal!  I'll be posting the recipe soon.  You definitely see some green, and the salmon can count as red since pink is a shade of red :)

And, that's it!  See all the red and green things I ate?  You can also see that, for the most part, my snacks fall in to the "sensible snacking" theme for June! 


  1. I love salmon too. Every week someone on WIAW some awesome-looking fish! I just am waiting until I find a grocery store that carries a good source and I am totally diving back in (pun intended. haha).

    Definitely some sensible snacking going on :)

  2. I love snacking on grape tomatoes! People always think it's weird, but I love it!