Monday, June 10, 2013

Food Issues

Good evening, y'all!  Hope your Monday was a good one.  I spent the day at a lesson planning workshop.  By the end of the week, I'll have three lesson plans published for all Florida teachers to access.  Pretty cool!

After a terrible week of workouts last week (a.k.a. one on Monday and THAT'S IT), I'm making it a point to get in 5 days of activity.  I started that trend today with a return to BodyPump!
Matching my phone yet again
As you can see, the class was PACKED today.  I'm still really glad I went.  I got in a good workout and thought I did a good job of adjusting my weights to account for my lack of strength training lately.

On the agenda for tomorrow: a speedwork run and some core work.  Haven't decided if I'm going to attempt an early morning run or head to the gym for the treadmill.  I'll keep you posted tomorrow :)

As I mentioned last week, I'm participating in the Clean and Lean Challenge that Amanda is putting on!    The goal is to create cleaner eating habits and working on the core muscles.  Not only did I sign up for this challenge to learn some good strategies to eat clean on a budget, but I also wanted to see if it could help resolve some issues I've been having.

I've been experiencing some stomach issues lately, and at first, I thought it was only when I ate something out of the ordinary.  I'm realizing now that that isn't the case, though!  I'm hoping the Clean and Lean Challenge can help me figure out where these issues are coming from.
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I consulted some friends who have experienced similar problems, and they all suggested the same time: keep a record of what you ate before your stomach acts up, including the time in between.  That way, I might be able to notice some trends and adjust accordingly.  If I can't figure something out, I'd have something to share with a doctor if needed.

So far, there are a few potential culprits, including large amounts of cheese and beer (not consumed together).  I'm hoping it's beer, because that would be much easier for me to cut out than cheese!

Question for you: Any suggestions for working out early in the morning?  Have you had food issues before which required you to cut something from your diet?


  1. ahh dairy is a big one for so many people and yup they are all right the food journal is the way to go! good luck!!

  2. Love BodyPump, it's my fave! The best tip for working out in the morning is to pack your gym bag and lay out your workout clothes the night before. When it's all ready to go, you just pop out of bed and leave!

  3. When I was training for my races in the fall, I found that dairy killed my stomach even leading to some serious gastro issues. My gastro doctor told me I may be lactose intolerant so I gave up as much dairy as I could and it CHANGED by life. My runs improved too! - Allie Strouse