Friday, June 28, 2013

Back from Vacation + Cleaner Choices

Hey, everyone!  Joe and I are back home after a great vacation to Emerald Isle, NC with my family.  I'm extra excited to be home since I've been away since June 14th after heading home to Richmond for a dear friend's wedding and some time catching up with some high school friends and my family.

Here are some highlights of both trips:
Nick and Erin got married!
Dr. Peter's Retirement Party
Meeting my second-cousin-in-law Will
Drinking the most delicious Ginger Ale
Side Note about Northern Neck: I texted that picture to one of my best friends Kristie (the one I went to visit in Seattle) and found out she was in Richmond, too!  What a great surprise to get to see one of my favorite people when I wasn't expecting it!

Food Truck Fun with Franny, one of my Westview friends
Playing Battleship with my brother and dad (I won both games!)

Putt-putt at the beach
Completed my long run, even on vacation!

Sharing our wedding cake topper to celebrate our anniversary early with my family
Gorgeous beach sunset
Playing Farkel with the family!
Dad, Mom, Aunt Melody and Uncle David playing Bocce Ball
Joe and me on the beach
Hope you enjoyed that photo dump :)

Anyone remember that I signed up for the Clean and Lean Challenge hosted by the wonderful Amanda?  Yeah, I almost don't either!

Quite honestly, I haven't really made clean eating and core workouts a focus this month.  Traveling always makes healthy eating and exercise challenging for me, much less eating clean while I'm not in charge of all of my meals!

I'm disappointed that I didn't fully participate in this challenge, and I feel like I missed out on some great support and information provided from the other participants via the Facebook group.

BUT there are a few positives to signing up for the challenge:

  1. I learned more about what clean eating actually is.  I've seen "clean eating" posted everywhere, but I never really knew the official definition.  I also learned how I can eat clean without completely breaking the bank.  Don't worry, I'll be sharing all of this information with you soon!
  2. Amanda sent some great e-mails with links to resources for meal plans, clean eating ideas, and great core workouts.  One particularly helpful e-mail for me discussed sugar cravings and what to do to curb them.  I easily give in to those cravings, and the information she provided really helped me think about things I can eat instead of something sweet.
  3. I have made some steps toward healthy eating.  I really have tried to up my intake of fruits and vegetables.  I've even tried some new-to-me vegetables and side dishes with dinner (especially when eating out at restaurants)! 
One example of a positive step I've taken is breakfast this morning:

We have little to no breakfast food in our house right now, so after running an errand I swung by Dunkin Donuts to get something to eat.  I knew coffee was on the menu, and I really wanted a chocolate glazed doughnut as my breakfast.  Instead, I saw the Veggie Egg White Flatbread on the menu and opted for that.  After checking the nutrition facts,  I'm pretty pleased with my choice:
Image Source
Image Source
Almost 100 fewer calories, 14 fewer grams of fat, less sugar, and much more protein.  It kept me full until lunchtime, which is exactly what I wanted!

After making my grocery list for the week, I think the cleaner food choices will continue!

Question for you:  What's a cleaner eating choice you've made lately?

Now that I'm home, the blog will get back to regular posts!  Thanks for bearing with me while I was gone.  See you tomorrow :)


  1. Yay! Finally remembered to come by and got to see my face on your blog. Also, I got to hear about your lovely anniversary and admire you and Joe's matching bathing suits :)

    1. Ahhh sorry for the delayed response! Glad you got to see yourself on the blog (told ya I was going to!) and thanks for noticing the matching suits :) That's why I chose that picture...I'm such a loser!