Friday, May 31, 2013

Virtual Bible Study + Foam Rolling

Hey, everyone!  It's time for the weekend!  The school year is winding down, and I plan on doing some work on the blog during the summer.  Look for some changes in the next month or two.

For now, let's get to some of the usual stuff:

I wanted to share with you about an online summer Bible study opportunity for women!  Living Proof Ministries, headed up by Beth Moore through Lifeway Christian Stores, has a blog that various woman publish to each week.  The blog is a great community of Christian women, and each summer they host a virtual Bible study!  This year, the study focuses on Gideon and uses the curriculum called Gideon: Your weaknesses, God's strength, published by Priscilla Shirer.
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Each week, participants are to complete the daily "homework" (Bible reading, commentary to read, and questions to answer in the workbook).  There will be weekly video segments from Priscilla, as well as bi-weekly video discussion with Beth Moore every other week.

I purchased my book already, and I wanted to invite y'all to join me!  I will be doing the study and posting about what I've learned each week.  Unfortunately, this is a women-only study (sorry, boys!), but I'm sure the men in your life would love to hear about what you are learning in the Word of God. 

Head on over the Living Proof Ministries blog for the study announcement and more information about how the virtual study will work.  It begins June 11th, so hurry on over there so that you can order your workbook (less than $15!).

As I mentioned yesterday when I posted my half marathon training plan, one of my goals during training is to focus on stretching and foam rolling after my runs.  The benefits of stretching are endless, but the main one I'm hoping to reap is injury prevention.

After my first official training run on Wednesday, I stuck to my plan and completed this 10 minute post-workout stretching video.  I found it on YouTube after quick search, and I could really tell a difference in my muscles a few hours later.  I also wasn't tight the next day, either!
I also foam rolled after the stretching video.  I bought my foam roller about a month ago after my chiropractor appointment, but it didn't get used until Wednesday night.
I rolled my ankles, calves, IT bands, and hamstrings.  Those areas were feeling a bit tight (and I've had hamstring problems that caused my knee pain), but the foam roller loosened them up for me.
Good investment!  I hope to keep up these good habits throughout my training.
Question for you: Have you ever participated in a virtual Bible study?  Do you stretch/foam roll after your workouts?

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