Monday, May 6, 2013

Planning for Healthy Habits

How has your Monday been?  There are only 4.5 weeks left in the school year, so each Monday has turned in to a celebration for me!

I loved sharing my meal plan for the week with y'all last week, and I want to do so again this week!  I feel like it de-stresses the entire week for me, but it keeps me accountable when I post it!

Monday: Spaghetti Squash with 7-herb Tomato Ragu, Italian Sausage, and chopped vegetables-We'll be having a guest for dinner who is very in to healthy eating, so I thought this would be the perfect dish!  I'm dressing it up as much as possible so Joe will actually think it tastes good :)
Tuesday: Crock Pot Garam Masala Chicken and Chickpeas-Julie from Peanut Butter Fingers posted this recipe during her Crock Pot Challenge, and I wanted to try it out!  We'll have guests for dinner on Tuesday, too, so a Crock Pot meal will be perfect to feed everyone!
Wednesday: Leftovers-we still have left overs from the end of last week, and I anticipate a few leftovers from this week, as well.
Thursday: Boxed dinner-Joe has to ref intramural soccer on Thursday, so I need to make something that'll be satisfying for him afterward.
Friday: Mexican food-as usual!
Saturday: Go out to eat/Takeout-I imagine we'll do something on Saturday night, so I'm planning on not cooking :)  We often will call in a take-out order, grab a movie from Redbox, and eat at home.
Sunday: Baked Chicken with a side of vegetables-My grandmother gave me a great recipe for baked chicken.  I'll be sure to share it next week after making it!

Since I'm sharing my meal plan with you, I may as well share my workout plan for the week with you!
Monday-rest day
Tuesday-Run (either treadmill speedwork or a run outside) + BBB core workout
Wednesday-Cardio + BBB workout A
Thursday-Cardio + Core workout
Saturday-Step class + BBB workout B
Sunday-BBB Workout C (+ potential run)

Today became an unplanned rest day.  Errands after school always throw a wrench in my workout schedule!  Tomorrow's run WILL happen right after school, as well as the rest of the workouts this week.

Question for you: What is your meal/fitness plan for the week?  How do you balance getting errands done with maintaining healthy habits after working?


  1. Yum! your food sounds so delicious this week -- love spaghetti squash!

    1. Me, too! And surprisingly, the hubby enjoyed it too! He's not always in to the "healthy stuff"