Monday, May 20, 2013

BBB5 Week 7

It's that time again!  Time to talk about my week as it pertains to Best Body Bootcamp!
Before I begin my recap, signups are now open for the summer round of Best Body Bootcamp!  Join me this summer is this awesome workout program.  As you can probably tell, I love these workouts and really do enjoy the accountability built in to this workout plan.  The price has increased, BUT Tina is offering a lot of awesome perks with the round, including 50 additional workouts to use at other times.  Check out Tina's post for more information and to sign up now!

This week, just like last week, was not a good one as far as workouts go.  The week started strong, but between surprise visitors and traveling for the second half of the week, I just kind of fell off.  Here's how it went:
Monday: 20-minute elliptical workout + Workout A (tabata rounds)
Tuesday: 2-mile run outside, focusing on speedwork
Wednesday: Our surprise visitors kept me from getting in my evening workout
Thursday: Traveling wore me out, so no run
Friday: planned rest day
Saturday: Traveling wore me out again
Sunday: 2.5-mile run outside
Here's the deal, though.  I got in three workouts for the week.  At least it's something!

My first goal is to focus on water intake.  As my second half marathon training gears up, I know I need to be constantly hydrated.  Florida is crazy humid in the summer (or all the time, really), which means I'm going to be needing lots and lots of water before/during/after runs.  I met my goal for drinking at least 72 ozs. of water each day 3/7 days this week.  I definitely need to up that to be able to run outside!

My second goal is to focus on taking care of myself at night.  I actually did well with this, meeting my goal 5/7 days.  Pretty good, considering being out of my routine for the second half of the week!

Highlight of the Week
Monday's workout!  I love the tabata-style workouts Tina has for us these last two weeks.  They are great moves done at a quick pace.  It keeps me moving and keeps me involved!  Plus, I used my iPhone to help time my workout, and I really loved the apps I used to make my workout happen (more about this later).
I didn't plan the matching outfit, but it added to my enjoyment of the workout :)

Goal for Next Week
The biggest thing I need to do this week: follow my half marathon training plan!  Last week was supposed to be week 1 of my training plan, but I gave myself some wiggle room when I wrote the plan.  I'm going to make this week the new first week and get in 3 runs (potentially 4), including a "long run" of 3.5 miles on Sunday.

Question for You: Do you ever purposely match your outfits to different accessories?
I don't usually do it on purpose, but I get excited when I do!


  1. Great job still getting in some kind of activity most days! And it has to be hard to run outside in FL -- if you don't do it at the right time, I can imagine it gets really hot!

    1. Oh, it's terrible to run in the afternoon. I either run at dusk (but not after a thunderstorm) or not at all!