Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Eric's Graduation Weekend: Part 2

I did so much this weekend, that I needed to take TWO posts to tell y'all about it!  Check out Part 1 of my weekend recap, then continue reading for the rest of the weekend.

Friday afternoon was spent eating cake and watching Eric open his gifts.  My grandmother makes delicious from-scratch cakes.  She made her pumpkin cake for Eric with delicious cream cheese frosting.  She also made a Sock-It-To-Me Cake (cinnamon swirl cake), which is my favorite.  Great afternoon of sweets and gifts!
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After that, we grab a quick dinner and spent the evening relaxing around the house.

On Saturday, we ate breakfast with everyone before heading on home.  Once we got back to Richmond, Mom and I had to head to a baby shower!

Joe's cousin, Lucy, lives in Richmond, and she and her husband Knight are expecting a baby boy in June!  Lucy and Knight are attending the same church as my parents, and they go to lunch with Mom and Dad every week.  It's so nice to have our two families getting along so well!

We got to the shower a few minutes late, but everyone was just mingling.  It was great to catch up with Lucy, her sister Betsy, and her mom Pearl.  They are such sweet people, and it was so nice to be able to attend the shower!

I didn't get pictures of the set-up, but there were lots of adorable decorations and delicious food!  We ate, Lucy opened her gifts, and we talked with some of the other guests.  Before leaving, I got a picture of all of my family there.
Myself, Mom, Lucy, Aunt Pearl, Betsy
That was my first baby shower, and I'm glad I could share that experience with my mom.

Afterward, Mom and I went shopping for a new purse for me!  My old one was getting a little worn out, and it's taken a while to find a replacement.  I guess Mom is the good luck charm, because I found this one at the first store!
Simply Vera purse from Kohl's
Different than my usual style, but it fits all my stuff, is small enough to not get in the way, and is fashionable.  On our way home, we picked up dinner at one of my favorite places: Cookout!

Cookout is a chain of restaurants that started exclusively in North Carolina, but they've since expanded into Virginia and South Carolina.  It's a drive-thru/walk-up place with no seating, but their burgers and milkshakes are FANTASTIC!  This is a must-stop for me when in North Carolina or Virginia, so I thoroughly enjoyed my food.

Saturday night was a lazy night of watching TV/falling asleep on the couch.  My family and I have named one of our couches "the sofa of death" because whoever lays down on it will fall asleep.

I woke up early Sunday morning to catch my flight home.  My connection was through the ATL airport again, but this time I had to run to get to my flight in time.  Word to travelers: have at least an hour layover in Atlanta.  That'll give you time to get to another terminal if needed without have to run like a crazy person.

It was nice to get home and see Joe!  We spent the afternoon hanging out and working on our respective school things.  That evening, we headed to Winghouse for another WWE pay-per-view.  It's always fun to eat some wings and people watch during those shows (especially Joe when he gets all in to the fights).

Whew!  As you can see, I had one packed weekend!  It was great to see everyone and get to do all the things I love doing in Virginia.

Question for you: Does your grandmother/mom make anything from scratch that you absolutely love?
My grandmother's cakes are awesome, as well as the creamed potatoes she makes.  My other grandmother makes great creamed corn!

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