Thursday, May 9, 2013

Outdoor Speedwork

This week feels really weird to me: I can't believe today is already Thursday, and yet, I feel like it's only Tuesday.  Has this week been both slow and fast for anyone else? 

Some news before the usual stuff: I joined the smart phone world yesterday!  I got an iPhone 5, and I'm so excited about it.  The camera is much better than my little dumbphone's camera, which means better pictures for you!
Goodbye, old phone
Better pictures (of Wewii) on the iPhone!

Next week, I'll begin training for my second half marathon: the Rock 'n Roll Half in Virginia Beach!
To get back in that groove, I decided to try some outdoor speedwork on Tuesday.  My goal for the half marathon will be to run under 2:30, so speedwork is a must.  I've only used the treadmill for speedwork, so this was a new experience!

My goal was simple: run at a decent pace during the verses of the songs I was listening to, then run at a quick pace during the chorus.  These intervals varied from song to song, but it was a great way for me to enjoy some music while improving my pace!
My music of choice...oldie but a GOODIE!
Image Source
I could tell I was out of running shape when I tired out after a mile or so.  I think I also started my "decent pace" off a little fast at the beginning.  I took a 0.1 mile walking break, then ran a steady pace the rest of the way.
Such a clear picture!!  Yay iPhone

I was excited with how I did!  I looked at my Garmin one time and I was running a 7:33 mile pace during one of my quick intervals.  I can tell that my speed is improving, and I'm excited to see how much it'll improve throughout my training.

Question for you: If you're a runner, what's your favorite way to do speedwork?  If you aren't a runner, what's your favorite way to get moving during the day?


  1. Aww Wewii is adorable, I'm excited for more pics of him from the iphone :) Good luck with your training, sounds like you are already off to a great start!

    1. More pictures are coming for sure! :)